Treasure Hunt Pilsen

Treasure Hunt Pilsen Company event in the birthplace of beer

Pilsen - historical center
40 treasures
1,5 - 2,5 hours

What do you know about Pilsen, the biggest city in West Bohemia? Pilsen has more to offer than just delicious beer, great ice hockey team and talented football players. It’s also a city of interesting history and culture – that’s why it was named the European capital of culture in 2015.  

Modern team building in Pilsen’s historical center

It would be a sin not to create a Treasure Hunt game in a city as awesome as Pilsen! We hid many treasures in the historical center and other interesting locations, for you and your colleagues to find and try to win more points than the other teams. Treasure Hunt Pilsen is a geolocation team game, during which you are using a tablet with our Terra Hunt application to locate treasures in the city.

How does Treasure Hunt Pilsen work?

When you and your team reach a location of one of our treasures, which you can see on your application, the table will ask you a question or give you a challenge. The questions and tasks are always connected to the place where the treasure was hidden. You don’t need to take out your high school history notebooks or download the Wikipedia application, better close your phone and focus on the surroundings. Logical thinking, practical mind, imagination and team work, that’s what is needed during the game. You always know in real time how are you doing and how many points the other teams earned and where they currently are. Your goal is to get as many points as possible, beat the other teams and earn the sweet financial prize, given to the winners of the Treasure Hunt.

Professional team building management

Managing groups, big or small, during a corporate event, can be quite challenging. The facilitators in our team are seasoned professionals who will take care of the event from the time you first contact us till the closing of the game. We will prepare and adapt the game for you, come to meet you in Pilsen, divide the participants into team, borrow you the tablets with the game, explain the rules and how to use the app and at the end of the game award the best team. We will be always ready to help you during the game itself. It’s also up to you, if you would like to play in Czech, English or even some other language.  

What can you look forward to?

During Treasure Hunt Pilsen you can uncover 40 treasures and try to answer their intriguing questions or complete challenges the game gives you. Most of them you can find in the city center, but if you would like to make your game a bit longer or sportier, the game can also include treasures hidden near the football stadium in the North or the railway in the South of Pilsen. You can spice up your Treasure Hunt experience even more by including your own questions (for example about your company), asking us to create a thematical Terra Hunt game with a story for you, or adding some adventurous outdoor activities! Contact us and we will help you choose the best program, thanks to which you will enjoy your company workshops, congress or just a trip to Pilsen to the maximum. You can also choose from other programs in Bohemia, Moravia or Silesia! 

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