Treasure Hunt Winery U Kapličky

Treasure Hunt Winery U Kapličky Team building in South Moravian vineyards

Winery U Kapličky, Zaječí, Přítluky
30 treasures
2 - 3 hours

Treasure Hunt Winery U Kapličky is a modern competition program for companies, during which you will enjoy the natural beauties and timeless atmosphere of South Moravia. In the popular Winery U Kapličky up to 267 guests can stay overnight, eat great food in the restaurant, get new knowledge or have fun in the many congress hall and seminar rooms, and relax in on-site wellness. It is truly a perfect place for corporate events, and that’s why we created various TerraHunt games around it.

How does the team building event work?

On the agreed day and time our team will meet you at the winery, divide your group in competition teams explain the rules and how to use the application. We will borrow you the GPS tablets with the TerraHunt application, take the last picture before your awesome adventure and start the game. You and your team will explore the surroundings of the winery, hunting for virtual treasures in the real World, answer questions and complete challenge the game will give you. For each question correctly answered or challenge completed you will earn precious points. Your goal is to gain as many points as you can – or at least more than your competitors. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.  

Professional event management

Our main goal is for everyone to enjoy the game to the maximum. If you are the one tasked with organizing an event for your colleagues, your work ends with ordering the Treasure Hunt experience and agreeing with us on a few details. From then on, your main responsibility is to have as much fun as possible. We will take care of all organizational and practical tasks before, during and after the game. At the end of the game we will welcome the brave teams back at the winery, award the winners and send you photos from the game.

Team building full of adventure

If your team will decide to go for it and try to find all of the treasures, you will see 30 beautiful places with 30 unique questions or challenges to tackle. Some of those treasures are in close vicinity of the winery, others will guide you on a nice walk to the nearby villages of Zaječí or Přítluky. You will see the Wall of Secrets, discover the tragic epidemics that hit the area in the 19th century, get to know the patron of wine or learn how the winemaking machines operate.
You don’t need to start binging History Channel or have your trusted Wikipedia on standby. The questions are always tied to the place where the treasure is hidden. The best strategy is to close the phone, open your eyes and enjoy the thrill of the game to the fullest. How you will approach the game is completely up to you – will you run and go for victory, or will you enjoy a nice slow walk in the nature and maybe an ice-cream?

More corporate events in South Moravia

We love the Winery U Kapličky and we created one more TerraHunt experience here – the detective Treasure Hunt game with a story Find the stolen wine! If South Moravia enchanted you as much as us, you can choose from a wide variety of Treasure Hunt, Mystery Trail and Challenge Tour game all around this beautiful region of Czech Republic. And if so many options are a bit too much for you, just contact us and we will guide you to choose the best program for you and your company.

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Team building program in Winery U Kapličky