Anytime, Anywhere, Unlimited participants

We can set up the game in any location on planet Earth, and you can play whenever you want. In person events that we host with our instructor team and tablets are conducted in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. Virtual and remotely launched events are carried out worldwide.

Never out of capacity

The number of players is not limited either. We are never out of capacity. The only thing that will change depending on the date, number of people, and location of the event is the range of services we offer within the event. Services we can offer:

1. Complete corporate event service

Our team of instructors will physically organize the game, personally explain the rules, the use of tablets, and the application.

You will play on our tablets, with instructors continuously available during the game. After the game, we will evaluate the results and reward the best team with prizes.

This is the best version of the program, and you can have it if you book the event with enough notice, at an available location, and for a group of up to 300 participants.

2. Our instructors, but players' own mobile devices

This option is almost the same as the full service, with the difference that players will play on their own mobile devices with the TerraHunt app installed.

We will offer this option if the tablets are already reserved for another client's event or if the group of participants is too large.

3. Players' own mobile devices and video instructions

Players will install the TerraHunt app on their own mobile devices, and the game rules will be explained to them via a YouTube video. They will start the event themselves using the provided QR code.

Our instructors will not be physically present at the event, and the client will evaluate the game themselves.

We will offer this option if we do not have any human or technical capacity available for the given date or if the corporate event is held in a different country or on a different continent than the Czech Republic.

Last-minute team building

The sooner you make a binding reservation for our services, the wider range of services we will be able to offer you.

However, even in the case of an extreme last-minute event and in remote location, we will be able to offer you a functional version of the team building program.