Event - Event Details

The Event details page provides an overview of the basic information about the Event and the game, displays a map with treasures, and lists registered players or teams, including their rankings and photos taken during the game.
  • Public Link: A globe icon allows for generating and managing public access to the Event details for individuals without a user account (e.g., team members). Using this link and a password, access to results and photos can be obtained. The button is located in the top row of the page.

  • Export Event Details: This feature allows for exporting a report about the Event in PDF format, including information such as date, Event name, game, link, and a list of participants. The button is also located in the top row of the page.

  • ​Upload Photos: Enables organizers to supplement the photo gallery with additional images, such as photographs taken outside the TerraHunt app or the client's logo. The button is located below the map.