Explanation of the Treasure Hunt program to the players

This video is intended for players of the Treasure Hunt game, so they can prepare thoroughly for the game.

Video chapters

Welcome 00:00, What is Treasure Hunt 00:12, What is this video about 00:30, Types of Treasure Hunt 00:44, Maps, treasures, teams, timer 02:31, Introduction and taking pictures 07:40, Question, help, answer 09:36, Explanation 11:18, Statistics 12:30, Problem Solving 13:25, Conclusion 14:10.

Outdoor games

The explanation is for all Treasure Hunt games played outdoors. That is, for both games where the questions are content-related to a specific location (e.g., Treasure Hunt Prague) and for thematic games that can be placed in any location (e.g., Pirates of the Pacific).

The video explains the principle of the game, rules, and control of the application.

It fully replaces the personal explanation of the program to clients by our instructor team.

It will be especially useful for those players who decide to play without the assistance of our instructor team, have the TerraHunt app installed on their own mobile device, and plan to start the event themselves using a QR code.

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