Game vs. Event

Explanation of the difference between the terms Game and Event.


A game is a group of treasures, i.e. questions, answers, pictures and videos organized into one whole. The Game is located on the server. A game is actually a source group of information. The Game itself cannot be played, it can only be played when it is launched into an Event.


An Event is a Game run with certain parameters.

  • Event parameters:
  • Event name
  • Start and end of the event
  • Event environment (outdoor/virtual)
  • Event privacy (public/private)
  • Event type (organized/individual)

The same game can therefore be run in many separate events with different parameters and for different groups of players.

Case study:

You want to organize Treasure Hunts over and over again in just one city you live in (e.g. Vienna). So you create a Treasure Hunt Vienna game once on your server and then just run it for different clients with different parameters.