Mystery Trail - Game Type

Mystery Trail is a GPS game in which the contestants follow a pre-designed route. They search for treasures, answer questions and complete tasks.

Outdoor version

Players have a pre-prepared route with a fixed order of stations and a fixed start and end. However, players cannot see the whole route. They always see one treasure on their mobile or tablet screen, which they have to find and answer a question. If they answer correctly, they are shown the following treasure.

If they answer incorrectly, the app sends them to the penalty treasure and only after completing it, the app returns them to the original route regardless whether they got it right or wrong. The contestant can also see how far away (in a direct distance) the next treasure is. So until the very last moment, the contestants don't know where the game will take them.

Main treasures are shown in blue, penalty treasures in red.

Virtual version

The game can also be played in a virtual version. In this case, the competitors do not see the map with the treasures. The questions are displayed on the screen in the order in which they are listed in the system.