Outdoor vs. Virtual

You can play games outdoors and navigate with GPS, or you can play anywhere virtually.

Outdoor event

In an outdoor event, treasures are assigned GPS coordinates. Players can see the location of the treasures on the app's map, and in order for the questions to appear on their device, players must physically show up at the treasure location. 

Virtual event

In a virtual event, questions are automatically displayed to competitors on the device screen according to the order in which they are entered into the system. Therefore, the contestants do not have to go anywhere.


Each game can be launched into both an outdoor and virtual event. However, it does not always make sense to do so. For games whose questions are tightly tied to a specific locations in the field (e.g. Treasure Hunt Prague, Treasure Hunt Bratislava, etc.), a virtual event does not make sense.

If the player were to play such a game in an office, for example, he would have no place to look for the correct answer to the question.

However, such an event can be used by creators to control the content of the game they are creating.