Taking and saving photos

The app allows you to take photos during events. There are two different ways to create a photo.

Photo as an Answer

There are treasures/questions that are answered by taking a photo. In this case, the button to start taking the photo is located in the content area of the app where the answers are usually displayed. Logically, this button is visible only sometimes.

Ad hoc shooting

Players can take photos of themselves (selfies) or their surroundings at any time during the event using the button in the bottom bar. This button is always visible.

Where photos are stored

The photos taken (both the Answers and the Ad hoc ones) are uploaded to the Public Server in the Event Details. The event participant or Public link holder can view and download the photos.

Photo quality

The quality of the photos depends on the quality of the device's camera. The photos are stored on the Public Server in Full HD quality.