Mystery Trail is a perfect choice for players who look for a challenge. The route is clearly set as well as the order of quests. However, its exact form is unknown to players. They can only see one quest which has to be found and solved. In case their answer is correct, the next main point will appear on the map. If they answer incorrectly, the application will send them to a penalty point. They need to try to solve it (no matter how) to get back to the original route. 

  • Games with a story
  • Fixed order of the quests
  • Only the next point and its position is visible
  • The possibility of penalty questions

Attractive GPS-based Games with a Story

Mystery Trail doesn't usually consist of so many quests as Treasure Hunt, however, its lenght can be comparable. There is often a dramatic story linking all of the tasks together which makes the game intellectually a bit more challenging. Thus, the time needed to answer a question is generally longer. Players can expect original introductions and explanations and, moreover, questions themselves are created for true game epicureans.

Who Is the Game for?

No matter if you are a small group of colleagues or a body of hundreds people, you will enjoy a Mystery Trail game anyway. This brainy program is the right choice for everyone who loves mysteries, stories and riddles.

Course of a Mystery Trail Game

The program has a clear, time-tested structure. For more detailed information about a Treasure Hunt event check the article The Course and Structure of an Corporate Event.

Question Structure

The number of points you can get for answering a question correctly doesn't depend only on its difficulty but also on a time limit. The order of tasks is fixed, but teams can see only the next point and their distance to it. In case they answer correctly, the next point will appear on the map. If their answer is incorrect, the application will send them to a penalty quest. They have to try to solve the penalty question to get back to the original route. Each quest consists of several parts:

  1. Introduction - represents a first look on the question's topic. Players have plenty of time to read it through because the countdown hasn't started yet.

  2. Question - introduces the task itself and in most cases also offers options you can choose from to solve it. The countdown is running.

  3. Help - can be used while answering some questions. Using it, however, comes at a price as it reduces number of points you get for a correct answer.

  4. Explanation - tells you if you were right or wrong and also reveals correct answer.

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