Treasure Hunt Jedovnice

Jedovnice, Olšovec
Treasure Hunt
Number of treasures
2-3,5 hrs
Common program length

Teambuilding activity Treasure Hunt at the Olšovec pond in Jedovnice. 44 treasures await you at this gateway to the Moravian Karst. Some of them are in the village itself, but most of them will guide you around the Jedovnice ponds through untamed nature with fascinating views of several bodies of water.

But you won't get lost with the map app on your tablet. If you complete the game in less than the recommended 3 hrs, you may still be able to cycle one of Jedovnice's legendary trails.

  • Gateway to the Moravian Karst, nearby Rudice decline

  • Olšovec pond and a variety of water sports

  • Jedovnice trails, bike and e-bike rental at the Olšovec campsite

Where will you play

This is a scavenger hunt, which means it is entirely up to you which treasures you visit and which you don't.

However, this is only partially true in Jedovnice, as the choices here are limited by the terrain reality. You can find a few treasures in the village itself, but most of them form a large circle around Olšovec Pond, Vrbové Pond and Budkovan Pond. 

So if you start your program at, for example, the Olšovec campsite, your only choice is whether to turn left towards Jedovice or right towards the Kůlna guesthouse.

Meeting point

Usually we start the Treasure Hunt in Camp Olšovec or Pension Kůlna, where the companies have accommodation typically. However, the game is located in a public area, so if you come from some other hotel in the Moravian Karst, it is possible to start and end anywhere.

For whom the game is suitable

The game is primarily created for larger collectives who want to optimize the cost of a corporate event by staying at the Olšovec camp. However, since the playing field includes all of Jedovnice's ponds and the village of Jedovnice itself, it doesn't matter whether you live in the area, or if you just come to Jedovnice to play.

However, you should expect to take a good walk while playing. And if you want to win, you will have to be relatively sporty, because the circuit around the ponds is not small.

The optimal time for this team building game is 3-3.5 hours. However, it will depend on how sporty you want to make the program. It is possible to extend the program to include physical outdoor activities, in which case it would be advisable to set aside approximately 40 min more. 

We recommend the following schedule:

  • 15 min - rules, control of tablets and app, division into teams

  • 2,5-3 h - realization of the Treasure Hunt game Jedovnice

  • 15 min - transfer to the agreed meeting point

  • 05 min - evaluation and announcement of the winning team

Radka Havlenová, Marketing Communications Manager, DHL Express (Czech Republic) s.r.o.

Our cooperation with Z-AGENCY s.r.o. was excellent. I can mention great communication, fast arrangement, and perfect organization. We complemented the Treasure Hunt team-building program with four activities (minefield, archery, bridge-building, and catapults), and all colleagues enjoyed it very much. We can only recommend it.

Treasure Hunt Jedovnice

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