Treasure Hunt Jedovnice

Treasure Hunt Jedovnice Team building at Moravian Karst’s doorstep

Jedovnice, Olšovec
44 treasures
2 - 4 hours

Team building in Jedovnice

Treasure Hunt, an exciting team competition, will guide you through the stunning surroundings of Jedovnice and around the town itself. In the beginning, our organization team will give you a tablet with the game, and you’ll start your adventurous hunt for treasures. On your journey you’ll meet sophisticated questions and riddles – if you answer correctly, you will get points. At the end of the game, the best team receives a big reward. To keep you motivated, you can watch how you and your opponents are doing throughout the game. For some, this may seem like an unimportant detail, but in our experience, seeing how many points other teams have motivates even the biggest phlegmatic to become the hero of the team.

If you are up for even more excitement, you can spice up the game with some outdoor activities. In that case, our instructors will await you at specific locations with logical, physical or creative tasks. It will bring you not only a powerful team experience but also a lot of valuable extra points.

All kinds of treasures in Jedovnice

Are you curious about what we have prepared for you? For example, you can meet with a local beer drinking champion, Mr. Hrdlička, participate in a legendary party in Jedovnice. Maybe you will accept the Tourist Challenge, but after all, decide to feed the Little Ducks. And we can only whisper stories about your imaginary friend, Elf Elektrikmann, and a few scary men in white coats.

The brave ones always prevail, and you might be able to win Deer with the Golden Antlers and impress the Goddess of Victory. In the end, you and two Lovebirds will rise to the sky toward Hollywood, but beware, you might be stopped by the Traffic Police, and asked to track down the Fugitive from Madagascar.

The gate to the Moravian Karst

Jedovnice is considered one of the gateways to the Moravian Karst known for its breathtaking Macocha Abyss and beautiful caves. But don't be mistaken, this is not the only thing that this very popular tourist destination can offer you. The Moravian Karst is surrounded by deep forests that will impress all lovers of walking, mushroom picking, and cycling. The surroundings of Jedovnice hide many single trails.

As if that’s already not enough, those who prefer to have fun and do some sports on (or in) the water can get excited, too! One of the dominant sites of Jedovnice is the large pond Olšovec, where international motorboat races take place every year. You can enjoy fishing, swimming, boating or a variety of water sports such as surfing and wakeboarding.

If you happen to get tired of the town and its attractions, you can go on a trip to the Rudice Caves, take a tour of the Windmill or visit the Santini Church in Křtiny. After your unforgettable Treasure Hunt in Jedovnice, there is still much to explore!

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Treasure Hunt at Moravian Karst’s doorstep