Treasure Hunt is a GPS-based game where playing teams move through designated area with a tablet searching for treasures, answering cunning questions and collecting as many points as possible. There is no fixed order of questions so it's up to teams to come up with the most efficient strategy to win the game. Becoming winners is undoubtedly the main goal but the game is also about having fun, getting to know each other and enjoying exquisite locations.

  • Ready-to-Use games localized in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • Programs in historical centers and cultural heritage areas
  • Customization of existing games
  • Creation of new personalized games

On-line Scoring and Results

All of our GPS tablets work on-line which gives you an opportunity to watch the progress of other teams, their exact location and score. You also get an immediate feed back on your answers along with correct solution and its explanation. 

Who Is the Game for?

This type of game is designed for groups of 6 up to about 300 persons. The ideal number of players in one team is 3-6. Thus, Treasure Hunt can serve as a funny leisure activity in a city during your congress as well as a sporty event in nature. If you are looking for an up-to-date and yet affordable program for your company teambuilding, Treasure Hunt is definitely the right choice.

Where Can You Play?

You can play in city centers (i.e. Prague, Brno, Bratislava) or at places known for its natural and cultural heritage (i.e. Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, Mikulov, Český Krumlov or Karlovy Vary). We can also create a new game according to your wishes, for example in the surrounding of your congress hotel in the middle of pristine nature.

When Can You Play?

What about right now? Realization of this program has no season limits so you can enjoy it during hot summer days as well as during colder winter time. If you opt for winter time, we strongly recommend to start early while there's still enough daylight.

Question Structure

The number of points you can get for answering a question correctly doesn't depend only on its difficulty but also on other factors like a time limit or a distance. Yes, every guestion has to be answered within a time span. Moreover, the answer can't be find on internet because it's somehow connected to the place itself. Each treasure consists of several parts:

  1. Introduction - represents a first look on the question's topic. Players have plenty of time to read it through because the countdown hasn't started yet.

  2. Question - introduces the task itself and in most cases also offers options you can choose from to solve it. The countdown is running.

  3. Help - can be used while answering some questions. Using it, however, comes at a price as it reduces number of points you get for a correct answer.

  4. Explanation - tells you if you were right or wrong and also reveals correct answer.

Course of the Event

The program has a clear, time-tested structure. For more detailed information about a Treasure Hunt event check the article The Course and Structure of an Corporate Event.

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