Your employees want to be happy. This is how to help them

Your employees want to be happy. This is how to help them

How to properly reward employees? It’s a very complex question all (good) employers ask themselves and there is no clear answer.

It’s impossible to find a universal solution that would satisfy all types of employees and employers.

What suits one is not ideal for the other one and vice versa. Undoubtedly, the basis is a fair wage. For some, that is the main reason why they come to work every day. 

Except for the wage, other benefits are also very important for the happiness of the employees. A card that allows you to participate in sports for a better price, casual Friday or a compliment showing the appreciation of the employee’s work can all do wonders for the satisfaction and productivity of the workers.

How to attract and keep great employees?

In times of shortage of skilled and even unqualified workers, more and more companies are re-evaluating their reward and benefits system. Wages are no longer the only thing that will ensure the loyalty and hard work of their employees.

Young people have different priorities than their parents. Therefore, they will prefer a job where they won ‘t become rich overnight, but where they will be satisfied and happy.

What is this satisfaction about? It has to do with the atmosphere in the workplace, the team and some special benefit. Whether it is coffee available for free, home office option or regular parties and team building event.

Finding new employees and even keeping the old ones is not easy. But what to do in order to ensure that the workers stay motivated, productive and enthusiastic?

The magic ingredient can be different benefits, that will make the employees happier not only in the workplace, but in their lives in general. Meal vouchers or a Multisport card are examples of such popular benefits.

How to attract and keep great employees?

Employers should think carefully about what they offer their employees. Is the above-mentioned meal voucher enough, or is it a standard in your field and you should come up with something extra?

The benefits often determine whether quality workers stay in your company or escape to the competition.

Another classic form of remuneration is a contribution to Pension Insurance, five weeks of holiday, holiday allowance or extraordinary financial rewards based on the work successes.

Modern benefits for modern times

A very popular benefit, especially for parents with small children, is the possibility of part-time work or work from home. Of course, this is not possible in all professions, but more and more companies offer this possibility, at least for some period.

Young people are attracted by the possibility of further education, language courses or frequent international business trips. In some industries, workers are also very interested in all kinds of health programs.

Great team building is a benefit

Imagine working in a company where everybody frowns at you every day, where people gossip behind your backs and try to make it harder for you to succeed. You’d probably start looking for another job very quickly.

That is why for successful companies, regular team building events are a must.

A team building activity can have many forms. In general, it’s an event where all the members of a department or even the whole company come together and get to know each other better than during work meetings or e-mail conversations.

The subordinates meet with their superiors and work together on an equal playing field. It is a completely different way of learning that uses interactive methods, such as games, simulations, real-life tasks and more.

Each team building activity usually has another important goal, like improving soft skills, communication, giving back to the community or simply having lots of fun.

This benefit is based on both experience and education. People in the team will become more aware of their role and learn how to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

It positively affects the entire working culture and cooperation of employees at work. Supervisors, in turn, can better understand their employees, understand their strengths and find out how to motivate them to be even more efficient.

Effective team building all around the Czech Republic and beyond

Organizing a great team building event is not an easy task. We would love to help you with that! Choose one of a wide range of the corporate team building programs we offer across the Czech Republic and turn a group of people working alongside each other into a true team.