Gaming Platforms - Tourism on Steroids

Gaming Platforms - Tourism on Steroids

Remember the last vacation when you tried to find the best restaurant or landmark in the city. How would you appreciate it if an app assisted you? In entertainment areas, apps can offer much more than just navigation.

Let's see how these spaces can be transformed using a gaming platform.

Navigation via Mobile App

The days when visitors aimlessly wandered and relied solely on physical information boards or printed maps are gone. Today, a modern app can guide them to not only physical attractions but also virtual tasks.

These tasks can be enriched with text, images, or videos, providing a comprehensive experience that's both informative and captivating.

Every visitor today can download a mobile app. However, it's essential that the chosen gaming platform offers an app for both iOS and Android. Similarly, the area should have mobile data signal coverage.

Active Engagement, Tasks, and Rewards

It's not just about seeing but also doing. Visitors can be actively engaged by completing tasks and challenges.

And for every completed task? They earn points. If they accumulate enough points, they can receive a reward. What's better than a reward in the form of a discount on refreshments or merchandise?

A Tool for Gaining Digital Marketing Audience

Most mobile apps require an email for registration. For operators, this is a golden opportunity.

With each registration, they gain a potential contact for email marketing, expanding their reach and potentially increasing the number of return visits.

Broad Application Possibilities

Gaming platforms can be integrated into a wide variety of settings. From zoos, safaris, botanical gardens, amusement parks, to educational trails in protected natural areas or national parks.

Especially in places where there are no physical attractions, these platforms can highlight interesting spots, plants, or natural monuments.

Information Boards vs. Digital Guides

While physical boards have their charm, digital guides offer flexibility. Want to change a route, description, or add/remove a point of interest? In a digital guide, it's just a few clicks away.

Moreover, they are environmentally friendly, reducing the need for paper and physical materials.

Real-time Updates and Notifications

With a digital platform, operators can send visitors real-time information or announcements.

Whether it's a sudden program change, special event, or emergency situation, communication is swift and efficient.

Data for Analysis and Continuous Improvement

Gaming platforms can provide valuable data about visitor behavior, favorite spots, time spent on tasks, and much more.

This data can be analyzed to make continuous improvements, ensuring visitors always have new and exciting experiences.

Increasing Accessibility

For visitors with disabilities, navigating extensive areas can be challenging.

Digital platforms can offer tailored routes, ensuring everyone has an inclusive and enjoyable experience.

Increasing Revenue Streams

Beyond ticket sales, these platforms can open opportunities for in-app purchases, partnerships with local businesses, and much more, diversifying revenue streams.

Building Community

With features like leaderboards, forums, or chat rooms, visitors can connect, share experiences, and even compete, creating a sense of community.

Stepping into the New Millennium

Just as companies transition from paper processes to digital technologies, recreational center operators should embrace modern ways of interacting with visitors.

By integrating modern gaming platforms into the outdoor environment, they can offer enriched experiences, ensuring that visitors not only come but keep coming back again and again.