AI Video Generation - Advantages and Disadvantages

AI Video Generation - Advantages and Disadvantages

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is permeating more and more areas of human activity. Creative activity is no exception. What are the main advantages of generating videos with artificial intelligence?

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Advantages of AI in Video Creation

The presence of an expert artist is still irreplaceable, but it is already proven that artificial intelligence can create remarkably high-quality and content-rich videos.

What are the main advantages of AI image generation?

Speed and Efficiency

AI systems can process a large amount of video material relatively quickly and efficiently. Machine learning-based algorithms perform automatic processing, saving substantial time for human colleagues.

This naturally leads to increased productivity and acceleration of the entire video creation process.

Enhanced Quality

Thanks to advanced algorithms, AI systems can automatically improve the quality of individual videos.

They can remove unwanted noise, stabilize shaky footage, adjust inappropriate lighting and contrast, or make other enhancements that improve the overall visual quality of videos.

Task Automation

Another advantage of using AI for video creation may be the automation of certain routine tasks, such as automatic recognition and labeling of objects or the creation of subtitles and captions.

This capability also saves considerable time for human colleagues.

Ability to Generate Content

The last major advantage of inviting artificial intelligence to generate videos is the fact that it can generate new content based on existing videos.

For example, it can create videos with various stylizations, add special effects to them, or create new scenes based on specific instructions.

Disadvantages of AI in Video Creation

Every coin has two sides. Similarly, video creation with artificial intelligence also has its drawbacks. The main ones include the following two.

Lack of Creativity and Originality

  • AI can generate videos that are too similar to existing content,
  • AI has a limited range of ideas and inspiration,
  • absence of human intuition and creative thinking.

Danger of Spreading Disinformation

  • the possibility of misuse of generated videos to manipulate information and subsequently spread false news,
  • AI can be used to create realistic deepfake videos, which can seriously damage the reputation of specific individuals.

Caution and Cleverness

As the ancient King Solomon aptly said, "The naive believe every word, but the wise consider their steps." When using artificial intelligence, caution and cleverness are always desirable.