The Rise of the Z-MAN

The Rise of the Z-MAN Team building program with a superhero story

Any location or remote
28 treasures
2 - 3 hours

Team program with a superhero story

Join us in the world, where the secret organization of the Z-MEN rules. They are the guardians of justice and order, fight against malice, injustice, and violence. In recent years, the Z-MEN began to mysteriously die in seemingly accidental circumstances. The last living Z-MAN, Huong Chin Gon, decided to select and train a new generation of the Z-MEN. The best of these men and women will take over and carry the burden of responsibility to protect the world. But not all chosen by Huong Chin Gon will become heroes. Only those who complete a journey full of difficult tasks and tests will even be admitted to the Z-MEN training program.

What adventures await you during the program?

During the program, you will encounter up to 28 Mystery Trail tasks. Your group will be divided into teams of 3-4 people and our team of instructors will explain the rules of the program. We will lend you the tablets on which the game is running and you will also receive paper notebooks and pens. Then, your journey full of superhero adventures will start.

On the main treasure line, there are 16 tasks waiting for you. Whenever you fail to complete a task, your team will be sent to the penalty post. There are 12 penalty posts in total. You have to reach it, maybe solve another assignment, and only then your team can move forward. Every member of your team will do their best to be the best superhero they can be and help your team to become the new best Z-MEN of the new millennium.

Full-service corporate team building events

We will prepare and run the game, lend you all the necessary equipment (tablets, notebooks, pens), explain everything, we will always available throughout the game. Finally, we will evaluate the game and reward the best team. We will also take photos of each team and send them to you.

When you choose to embark on this adventure with us, the game and enjoyment is the only thing you have to think about. All organizational and practical things are up to us. It couldn't be any easier.

Treasures and the Rise of the Z-MAN

Riddles, logical tasks, mathematical puzzles, and even some interesting knowledge-based questions await you. You do not have to worry about it being too difficult, the program is designed with beginners in mind. Each question or task is presented as a part of an intriguing storyline and is complemented by beautiful comic book-style graphics. And it’s not only about adventure and riddle-cracking, but you can also look forward to the situational humor of our favorite superhero movies.

Mystery Trail anywhere

The Rise of the Z-MEN program can be implemented at any location, whether in city centers or in beautiful, wild nature. In case of bad weather, the game can be played even in indoor spaces, restaurants or congress halls! The Z-MEN rose for the first time in Brno, but we will prepare the program wherever you need it.

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Team building in comic book style