The Rise of the Coolmen

The Rise of the Coolmen Outdoor or Virtual Superhero Escape Game

Any location or remote
28 treasures
2 - 3 hours

Team Program with a Superhero Story

Join us in the world, where the secret organization of the Coolmen rules. They are the guardians of justice and order, fight against malice, injustice, and violence. In recent years, the Coolmen began to mysteriously die in seemingly accidental circumstances. The last living Coolman, Huong Chin Gon, decided to select and train a new generation of the Coolmen. The best of these men and women will take over and carry the burden of responsibility to protect the world. Only those who complete a journey full of difficult tasks and tests will even be admitted to the Coolmen training program.

Treasures Structure

Logical tasks, mathematical puzzles, and brain teasers of medium difficulty await you. Each question or task is set in an engaging story and complemented by beautiful comic book graphics. You can look forward to situational humor as in adventure books or movies.

A total of 16 main treasures have been prepared for you. Whenever you do not manage any of the tasks, your team will be sent to a penalty question (we have a total of 12 penalty questions ready). Only then can your team return to the main route.

The virtual version of the program differs from the GPS version only in lacking a map, but the questions are displayed one after another.

Remote Team Building On-line

Organize a virtual team building event for home-office employees or for colleagues on the opposite continent. You will play directly in a web browser.

At the beginning, we organize an online meeting, during which you will learn the rules and create virtual teams. Then just 3 mouse clicks and you will be in the game. At the end, we will appraise the most successful team.

Outdoor Escape Game

If you prefer the outdoor version of the game, you can look forward to a full service of the corporate event. The program can be implemented in any location, whether in city centers or in nature. We will prepare and start the game for you in the selected location, lend you all the tools (tablets, pads, pens) and explain everything to you. We will be fully available during the whole game, and, in the end, will evaluate the game and reward the best team.

We can also take team photos, which we will send you in the following days. All you need to do is come. It couldn't be easier than that.

If you would like to organize a similar event as a low-cost option, we can launch the game remotely. You install the TerraHunt app on your mobile device and we will just send you a QR code with access to the full game.

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Team building in comic book style