Zombie Apocalypse

Outdoor or Virtual
Treasure Hunt
Number of treasures
Common program length
The post-apocalyptic remote escape game contains 21 treasures. As a member of a military unit of survivors you will fight against bloodthirsty zombies and, if you are successul, save the civilization!

For the virtual version of the game you will need around 1,5 hrs, in the outdoor version you will need to reserve 2,5 hrs. Get as many vials of antidote as possible and save the world!

About the program

This is a scavenger hunt game, i.e. in the case of the outdoor program you can search for treasures in any order. In the case of the remote version, the questions will appear on the screen in a specific order. 

You can look forward to 21 challenging questions, ciphers, and puzzles. Logical, graphical and mathematical questions await you.

In the story, you will meet a group of weirdos such as Mexican General Carlos, Soviet General Yuri, fighting nun Natasha and fierce nurse Juanita. You'll meet zombies in every corner of your shelter.

For whom the game is suitable

The game is made for lovers of trash action movies, from which it borrows the most popular character stereotypes. It features a lot of edgy humour and certainly can't be said to be socially correct. It is recommended for groups with a great sense of hyperbole and exagerated humor.

In terms of gameplay, it is a more challenging game, so we recommend to set aside enough time to play it.

The remote version of the game will take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. The game is organized by an instructor from the virtual studio.

Optimal schedule:

  • 10 min - rules and control of the web application via Zoom, Ms Teams or Google Meet

  • 90 min - realization of the game, the teams are grouped in the Breakout Rooms

  • 10 min - evaluation and announcement of the winners

For the outdoor version of the game, we recommend 2.5-3 hours.

Optimal schedule:

  • 15 min - rules, control of tablets and app, division into teams

  • 120-150 min - playing in the field

  • 15 min - return, evaluation and announcement of winners

Zombie Apocalypse

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