Organization - Global Context and Organization Context

In the event that you wish to use the gaming server for creating Games and launching Events, you will need to be assigned special permissions. Even then, you must distinguish between the global context and the context of a specific organization

Global Context

After logging into the Public Server, the system will recognize you as a regular player (user role: Player). This means that your Menu options will be very limited. You will only see the Player item. Through this, you can view an overview of public active events. You will see the same Events that are currently visible and playable through the mobile app.

Organization Context

If you have been invited to an Organization, you will have the option to switch to it (under the user icon in the top right corner). In this case, you will see additional menu items and gain permissions as assigned by the Owner of the Organization. The higher the permissions assigned to you, the more operations you can perform on the server (creating games, editing games, launching events...), however, only within the Organization to which you have been invited.