Pirates of the Pacific

Pirates of the Pacific Gain the reign over the Pacific

Any location or remote
24 treasures
2,5 - 3,5 hours

The world of Pirates of the Pacific is full of dangerous pirate adventures leading to eternal glory and immeasurable wealth. But the biggest reward is something else.

Story begins on a boat moored off the Island of the Undead. The entire Pacific pirate fleet gathered here at the call of the legendary captain Chatty Servez, who spends his retirement here. All crews eagerly await captain's speech. The tension is suffocating when eight indigenous savages bring a stretcher with your helpless commander and set him aboard his schooner:

"Welcome, Pirates of the Pacific. As you can see, I, your captain, am old and death will soon come for me. However, you still have plenty of time to carry out my grandiose plans.

The Pacific is full of treasures waiting to be captured and thus gather enormous wealth.

The one who will lead the most successful crew will after my death gain control of the entire Pacific.

Enjoy your plundering and most importantly don't forget to sing our pirate's favorite song: Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!

Treasure Hunt in a real environment

Whether you're going somewhere secluded or in a big city, we can create a Pirates of the Pacific Treasure Hunt around your venue according to your needs. The story is amplified if you are near some lake, pond, dam or even the sea. We place virtual points in the surroundings at the most interesting places with mobile coverage. The game will be running on our tablets, or for a larger number of participants directly in their mobile phones. Our instructors will explain everything on site and start the entire race.

Teams of 4-5 people will then go out into the field just like pirate ships on the ocean. Each crew chooses its own strategy based on the distance of the treasures and their value. Given the time limit, which we will determine together based on your time options, they will then try to be the most successful pirates and thus gain the rule over the Pacific.

During the game, our instructors will be available to solve any technical problems. At the end, they will provide a spectacular announcement of the results.

Remote Escape Game

Does your team consist from people all over the world; do you have no time to go somewhere, or are you looking for some variety to an online meeting? We have a virtual version of the game for you. The program will take place via Teams, Zoom, or other communication platforms, where our instructor will meet all participants at the beginning and in the end of the measured time to open and close the program.

The individual crews are then grouped together in break out rooms or using Teams chats for the game itself and participate in the treasure hunt via a web browser. Just like in the outdoor version, at any moment they will see how they are doing compared to others and how many points they are ahead of the other teams.

The only difference will be that there is no need to go to any specific locations to trigger the treasures - the questions will appear one by one in a predetermined order.

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An escape game with a story for teambuilding