Sherlock Holmes' Cases form

Sherlock Holmes' Cases

Outdoor or Virtual
Treasure Hunt
Number of treasures
2-3 hrs
Common program length
With this virtual escape game you will be taken to London of the previous century and help the legendary Sherlock Holmes solve 19 cases. In the event of a virtual game you will need around 1,5 hrs, in the event of an outdoor game you will need around 2,5 hrs. 

The Sherlock Holmes cases are waiting to be solved.

About the program

There are 19 easy treasures in this game. This is a type of scavenger type game, i.e. the order of questions is determined by you in the case of the outdoor game. Should you rather wish to play a remote game, the questions are displayed on the screen in a precise order.

As investigative teams, you will help Sherlock Holmes and his colleagues to solve colourful cases. The questions are accompanied by eye-catching graphics. The tasks are logical, graphical or textual with no need to count.

For whom the game is suitable

The game is relatively simple, so it is suitable for beginners or very large groups of players. The game is socially correct, so it is also suitable for more conservative groups.

If you want to use the game as a teambuilding for colleagues at the home-office, you will only need 2 hours to complete the entire program.

Optimal schedule:

  • 15 min - rules and control of the web application via Zoom, Ms Teams or Google Meet

  • 75 min - realization of the game, the teams are grouped in the Breakout Rooms

  • 10 min - evaluation and announcement of the winners

You can enjoy this Treasure Hunt game in any location with a mobile signal. In the case of the outdoor game, not only the success in solving the questions, but also strategy and physical fitness, affect the final position of the team. We will always discuss with you in advance how far we will place the treasures from the starting point, shoudl it be a hotel for instance.

Optimal schedule:

  • 15 min - rules, control of tablets and app, division into teams

  • 120 min - playing in the field

  • 15 min - return, evaluation and announcement of winners

Andrea Weiszmannová, Operations Quality Manager, Smiths Medical Czech Republic, a.s.

We chose the game Sherlock Holmes. Everyone was excited and enjoyed it. Despite the bad weather, the event did not have to be canceled and we agreed on an indoor ’indoor’ variant. I can only recommend it. Thank you.

Sherlock Holmes' Cases

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