The Adventures of Casanova

Outdoor or Virtual
Treasure Hunt
Number of treasures
1,5-2,5 hrs
Common program length

In this virtual escape game you become a member of a secret Venetian society, led by the legendary lover Giacomo Casanova. You will steal from the rich and give to the poor. There are 22 treasures to solve.

For the virtual version of the game you will need approximately 1.5 hrs, in the case of the outdoor version you will need 2.5 hrs. Put on a charming smile and get your nimble fingers ready!

About the program

In this game, 22 moderately challenging treasures await you. This is a type of scavenger hunt game, i.e. in the case of the outdoor variant you can visit each treasure in any order based on the strategy you set.

As a member of a Gruppo di Casanova, you will be tasked with using all sorts of tricks to extract as much money as possible from the wealthy Venetian elite. These will then be distributed amongst the downtrodden poor. Although well-intentioned, you'll be pushing the boundaries of the law!

You'll definitely have a lot of fun! Story questions with funny twists are complemented by engaging graphics that draw you into 18th century baroque Venice.

For whom the game is suitable

This is a moderately challenging escape game. It contains mathematical, logical and pictorial challenges. It is therefore suitable for intermediate teams, but even also less experienced players will enjoy it.

As it does not take much time, it is suitable, for instance, as a program addition to a congress, training session or meeting. The engaging theme is suitable for a wide range of players - it will please romantics, rebels and anyone who cares about justice.

The remote version of the game will take approximately 1.5 - 2 hrs. The game is organized by an instructor from the virtual studio.

Optimal schedule:

  • 10 min - rules and control of the web application via Zoom, Ms Teams or Google Meet

  • 75 min - realization of the game, the teams are grouped in the Breakout Rooms

  • 10 min - evaluation and announcement of the winners

For the outdoor version of the game, we recommend 2.5-3 hrs.

Optimal schedule:

  • 15 min - rules, control of tablets and app, division into teams

  • 120-150 min - playing in the field

  • 15 min - return, evaluation and announcement of winners

The Adventures of Casanova

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