Sherlock Holmes' Cases

Sherlock Holmes' Cases Escape Game with Detective Cases

Any location or remote
21 treasures
2 - 3 hours

London, England. Crime has escalated in recent years. Organized gangs, drug cartels, serial killers. Scotland Yard cannot deal with such a high criminal activity and thus makes full use of the abilities of the genius detective whose reputation precedes him. Sherlock Holmes is really busy and needs your help!

Along with him, you will defuse an active bomb, identify an assassin from the clues, infiltrate a robber gang and much more. The life of this private detective is simply an everyday adventure!
Join Sherlock Holmes in the streets of London to explore their darker side. The side of crime! Sherlock Holmes' cases are pending.

Outdoor Mobile Escape Game

This mobile escape game is made in the Treasure Hunt system. Thus, you decide the order of solving individual crimes yourself. The advantage is that we can create the game for you almost anywhere. Do you want to enjoy a walk in a city center, or rather get close to nature? Treasure Hunt is also the perfect way to decide who the best team of Sherlock Holmes investigators is. Our Terrahunt application allows you to run the game on mobile phones or tablets. We can either organize the game for you with our instructors on our tablets as a full-service corporate event, or we can launch the game remotely on your own mobile devices.

Remote Escape Game

Can't you go out for some reason? Doesn't matter. Sherlock Holmes will come to you! To the office, to your home-office, to an evening corporate event to a restaurant. You can play in the form of a virtual escape game in a web browser or on a mobile device. Of course, any number of teams from all over the world can play against each other.

The Game Process

The program consists of 21 cases. You will see the location of all cases on the app´s map on a screen of your phone or tablet. You can choose which one to visit. If you play the remote version in a web browser, the questions will pop up one by one. After viewing the question and answering it, you will immediately find out what the correct answer was and you will receive the given points. The winner is always the team with the highest number of points.

What Awaits the Investigators?

As investigation teams, you will assist Sherlock Holmes and his colleagues in resolving various cases. The questions have attractive graphics. Tasks are logical, graphic or text-based without the need to count.

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Smiths Medical Czech Republic, a.s.

We chose the game Sherlock Holmes. Everyone was excited and enjoyed it. Despite the bad weather, the event did not have to be canceled and we agreed on an indoor ’indoor’ variant. I can only recommend it. Thank you.

Andrea Weiszmannová - Operations Quality Manager

An escape game with a story for teambuilding