The awesome escape rooms. Which topics are the most popular?

The awesome escape rooms. Which topics are the most popular?

When the escape rooms first appeared, many people thought it was a useless pass-time for weirdos. But in a few years or even months, the escape rooms proved themselves to be much more than that. Today, couples, groups of friends and colleagues are getting themselves locked in unknown rooms. The goal, of course, is to get out of that room - eventually.

But first to enjoy a lot of fun while solving puzzles, opening locks and cracking brain teasers.

Many companies now see the benefits of escape rooms too and they are starting to use them for their team building sessions.

When going for an escape room, you can choose from a variety of topics - horrors, history, fantasy and more. Which topics do people prefer?

Get hooked on escape rooms

Majority of those who have tried it get the „escape room bug“ and are always looking for their next adventure.

The escape rooms are also so widely popular because anyone can enjoy them – adults, kids, students or seniors. It will wake up your brain and make your whole group focus on one goal – solving the puzzles and getting out.

You’ll cooperate as a true team, use your logical thinking, imagination and common sense in a way that you might not do while solving a problem at work.

Choose a topic that will appeal to all member of your team and you can be sure that everyone will have tons of fun and also learn a lot.

Computer games as an inspiration for teambuilding

Escape rooms are heavily inspired by computer games, such as virtual escape, adventure, and action games.

The games are always created with the place in which they’ll take place in mind. Sometimes you’ll be breaking out of prison, other times you will try to escape from a failing space station or fight against time in a room set in medieval times.

You can become James Bond or Indiana Jones, or just you being a hero in this little adventure. The physical elements of the game are completed by music, light and other effects that will help you to get into the story even more.

The atmosphere is everything

An escape room can have the best topic, riddles, and locks, but if the story is not so good and the atmosphere is not compelling, you as a player will have only a mediocre experience.

That’s why the creators of the games invest a lot of money, time and effort into making the place and the story as realistic as possible.

The escape rooms are getting better and better and are using modern technologies to make the experience of the players even better.

People, in general, like to be scared, so many escape rooms are set in haunted houses, brutal prisons, and mental wards.

You can also venture in ancient Egypt, meet the Templars or get to know a crazy inventor.

Favorite escape rooms topics

The topics of escape rooms are many and diverse and some of them are more popular than others. One of the most popular ones are prisons, underground or atomic bunkers.

The goal with these ones is easy – getting out of there as soon as possible or at least before the time limit.

Other appealing topics are ghost and scary stories. Participants usually learn about a tragic story behind a haunted house they are trying to escape.

Some of these games are played in complete darkness! Historical topics are one of the most popular too. If you have always dreamt of meeting Nefertiti, Archimedes or explore the wonders of late Middle Ages in England, they might be the best fit for you.

Escape rooms for education and teambuilding

If you are a fan of time traveling, you should definitely look for a game with time as the main topic. You can explore different time periods and even the future!

These escape rooms usually use a lot of new technologies and offer an awesome experience.

In the last years escape rooms are also being used for education purposes. The participants play as the normal escape room and then they discuss their experience afterward and learn more.

The topic, material, and setting are chosen specifically to allow for an enlightening discussion, sharing of experiences and learning afterward.

Original escape room – the mysterious suitcase

Not everyone likes to be locked in a possibly dark room with seemingly no way to escape. It can also be quite difficult to get the required number of people at one time at the same spot.

Or maybe you want to play in a group of for example 10 people, which is too much for most traditional escape rooms? If one or more of the above is true, the mobile „escape“ game is the right for you.

We created the mysterious suitcases as an option for those, who for different reasons prefer to break in things rather than out of rooms, and those who prefer to chose the space for their adventure. You can try to get into the suitcase even at your desk at work and challenge another group of your colleagues who will finish the game faster!