4 Tips for LAST-MINUTE Team Building Events

4 Tips for LAST-MINUTE Team Building Events

"What if we did a team building?"... that's a sentence you don't want to hear much in mid-September. Ideally, corporate events are planned two months in advance.

During the fall, it becomes challenging to find accommodation for team building events, but there are still opportunities to execute an interesting team program.

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You won't avoid compromises

Your dream date or location might not be available anymore. But if you adapt to the organizers' options, you can still enjoy a lot of fun with colleagues during the Indian summer.

Immerse yourself in experiences; here are a few last-minute tips for corporate events.

Escape Box

An indoor escape game for up to 7 teams simultaneously. We'll organize it at your company, in a hotel, or a conference hall. Break into the luggage of a drug baron!

Escape games are a great way to test team collaboration and problem-solving skills.

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Outdoor Escape Game

Full-service or LOW-COST version of the program. Codes, riddles, and puzzles. 8 themes, 3 difficulty levels, an unlimited number of participants. Events anytime and anywhere.

Teams will move freely around the city or nature and complete tasks. Outdoor escape games are a great way to get acquainted with a new place while also having fun.

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Treasure Hunt in the city

Treasure Hunt in city centers or natural areas. Full-service or LOW-COST version. For old and young, in Czech and English. 30 locations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Searching for treasures with a mobile or tablet is fun for all types of events and all generations.

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Virtual Pub Quiz

A short online program. Do you have colleagues abroad? Experience a shared moment during an online meeting. A 40-minute event will be a surprising refreshment for participants.

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TIP: The Adventures of Casanova

Welcome to Venice in 1750. Young Giacomo Casanova is already a famous ladies' man, the dread of husbands, and the greatest rake of his time.

However, the general public is still unaware that Casanova is not just a lone seducer, but the leader of a whole group of adventurers, like you. The goal of your entire organization, Gruppo de Casanova, is not love affairs, but helping the needy.

Enjoy this story-based game in an outdoor setting for a corporate event or virtually in an online meeting via MS Teams.

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