Furiosa: Mad Max Saga (2024)

Furiosa: Mad Max Saga (2024)

Mad Max: Fury Road was a literal revelation in its time. Many action movie fans consider this film one of the best in its genre. And it must be said, quite rightly so.

Recently, the long-awaited prequel/spin-off named Furiosa: Mad Max Saga burst into theaters. Can this latest effort by George Miller also be inscribed in golden letters in the history of cinema?

Can Mad Max work without Max?

As the title suggests, director George Miller this time focused his narrative not on Max but on the main heroine of the previous installment—Furiosa. For the first time in this now five-part saga, a female character takes center stage.

Furiosa, however, overshadowed Max significantly in Fury Road, which is likely why the studio decided to greenlight this spin-off that primarily focuses on her character.

Gradually Built Story

Unlike the previous installment, this film doesn’t offer a straightforward action-packed story where the pedal is pushed to the metal from the first minute. While Furiosa does feature impressive and original action, the story is far more important here.

The film is divided into several chapters, focusing not only on the adult Furiosa but also on the period when she was still a child. Surprisingly, it’s not boring.

The story begins with the kidnapping of young Furiosa from an agricultural colony, which contrasts with the surrounding Wasteland like an earthly paradise. Furiosa must adapt to a new reality full of violence and madness. This is embodied by the main villain Dementus, who leads a dangerous group of raiders.

The film also features many other characters with severe personality disorders. Viewers can look forward to the return of the well-known Immortan Joe and his crew.

Excellent Acting

When it comes to acting, there’s nothing to complain about. Anna Taylor-Joy delivers her usual high standard in the role of Furiosa, which was expected. The younger version of the heroine, played by Alyla Browne, also performs well, as does Chris Hemsworth, somewhat surprisingly, as the villain Dementus.

Hemsworth delivers the performance of his career, stealing every scene he’s in. He’s certainly not just a pretty face as many have previously thought.

Cheaper Effects

The visual effects, however, are less impressive. Unlike Fury Road, much of Furiosa was filmed in front of a green screen, and this is noticeable at times.

The effects often look quite cheap, and while the film overall looks decent, the previous Max film was visually superior.

Audience Uninterested in the Film

Furiosa: Mad Max Saga undoubtedly turned out well, as evidenced by many rave reviews. Even though the film has a much slower pace than its predecessor, it is by no means a worse spectacle. The problem with this movie does not lie in its quality but in the fact that no one cares about it. In theaters, Furiosa completely flopped, so we can undoubtedly forget about another installment in the Mad Max universe anytime soon. And that is a great shame.