Busan: Why is it worth visiting the second largest city in South Korea?

Busan: Why is it worth visiting the second largest city in South Korea?

South Korea is mainly associated with the automotive industry and the TV series MASH. However, it is also a place full of tourist attractions.

In South Korea, you can visit a number of attractive destinations. Among the most rewarding for tourists is definitely the city of Busan. It is located on the southeastern tip of South Korea and has a lot to offer travelers.

Gamcheon District

People who wish to discover unconventional places should definitely not miss the Gamcheon district in Busan. It is essentially the local art center. You can find a large number of various galleries and studios here. Sculptures and paintings are commonly displayed outdoors in this district, where everyone can admire them.

The entire district looks a bit like one large art piece. Gamcheon is primarily made up of colorful buildings, which, combined with the surrounding mountainous landscape, create a unique spectacle. However, it wasn't always this way.

Originally, Gamcheon was a district for Busan's poorest residents. It was essentially slightly better slums. The situation began to improve at the end of the last millennium when the local city council ordered the district to be revitalized. Thanks to this decision, it is now one of the most attractive places you can visit in Busan today.

Haeundae Beach

This beach is one of the most famous and also the most beautiful in South Korea. Haeundae is mostly made of sand, making it suitable for both lounging by the water and for sports like beach volleyball.

Visitors also have the opportunity to engage in various water activities. Local rentals offer jet skis and surfboards. Those interested can even try paragliding here.

In the immediate vicinity of the beach, there is also a wide range of shops, cafes, and restaurants. During the summer, various events such as concerts and fireworks are held on the local promenade.

Geumjeongsan Mountain

For those who are not very interested in art and don't enjoy lounging on the beach, they might appreciate the opportunity to visit Geumjeongsan Mountain, which is also an integral part of Busan. The peak of the mountain is 801 meters, which may not seem like much, but those who want to reach the highest point will still have to put in a considerable effort.

The reward, however, is a splendid view of the city. The mountain has many more attractions. Among the most popular are the smaller Buddhist temples, which can captivate even those who are not usually interested in spirituality.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of Geumjeongsan Mountain is the local fortress, which was built during the era when the Goryeo dynasty ruled Korea.

Modern Metropolis

Busan is not just a modern megalopolis. It is quite easy to find places here where one can take a break from the ultra-modern world and enjoy beautiful art or meditate in one of the many Buddhist temples.