The colorful Bratislava is a must-see city

The colorful Bratislava is a must-see city

Most well-known cities around the world have that one thing that everyone knows about them and recognizes - the atmosphere, the smell, the food, the building or the way of living of its inhabitants. If you wander the streets of Bratislava for a while, you will find that even the Slovak capital has an interesting characteristic to remember: in the most unexpected places, an unusually colored building suddenly pops out of the ordinary gray landscape of the city.

The blue(s) of Bratislava

The unique church of St. Elizabeth of Thuringia, built in the amazing Art Nouveau style, is hidden in the streets of the historic center of Bratislava. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century, just when the Austro-Hungarian Empire was slowly coming to an end. Its unusual light blue plaster and roofs with glazing in a darker shade of blue gained it much attention.

The blue color is not the only intriguing part of the church, the visitor's eye will certainly be captivated by the use of St. Elizabeth’s attribute - the rose - in the fine ornamental decoration of the interior.

All the colors of the rainbow

Thousands of colors adorn the Hotel Galéria, located near the city center. On the building, which looks like an avant-garde artist’s dream come true, countless shapes, ornaments and colors swirl around in a fascinating dance. It is one of the reasons why Bratislava is considered one of the hot-spots for modern architecture.

Since the Hotel Galéria (nicknamed the Butterfly House) is a somewhat extreme building, it has stirred a passionate debate between opponents and fans of bold architecture for years. It’s worth seeing it with your own eyes! The interiors are created in the same style, so if you like the building, we invite you to see inside, too.

The modern white

Almost on the other side of the spectrum from the Butterfly House is an inconspicuous white building on Grössling Street. Don’t get fooled by its simple exterior! Inside, it hides the White & Weiss Contemporary Art Gallery. This private family gallery supports creators of modern art and each year, the visitors can enjoy seven exhibitions of contemporary artists.

Bratislava’s green(ery)

In addition to Zelená Street, which you will certainly walk by if you get lost in the historic streets around the Main Square, Bratislava is full of large public parks. Slovaks are so proud of the urban greenery that the city‘s slogan is „The Green City on the Danube“. You can stroll through the oldest public park in Central Europe, the Janko Kráľ Park, or enjoy a peaceful moment in the gardens of the Bratislava Castle.

Bratislava, a city of colors and architecture

Allow yourself to be captivated by the diversity of Bratislava. In this city, beautiful surprises await at every corner and your senses will be enchanted. Just keep your eyes open!