Enjoy the best of Moravian wine in Valtice

Enjoy the best of Moravian wine in Valtice

Among connoisseurs, Valtice town is often called the capital of wine. Take a short walk around the city and soon you will see that it is not an exaggeration, but a simple fact. Visit the Wine Salon, one of the wine shops, wine bars or the wine museum.

There is even a wine college! If you need to cool down a bit, you can take a walk around Valtice’s underground system and then explore the educational wine trail.

Where to go to taste great wine in Valtice? Well, kind of everywhere! But the real treat is the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic. It has its headquarters in the cellar of the beautiful Valtice Chateau. If you decide to go here, make sure you don’t have to drive the car later. You can sample all the exhibited samples or choose from various tasting programs, presented by a seasoned sommelier.

It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Of course, it is possible to see the place without the wine tasting or combine the tour with a visit to the castle. The Valtice Chateau itself has its own wine cellars, run by the famous company Vinné sklepy Valtice.

There’s more than wine!

In Valtice, wherever you go, the wine will always find you. There is an exhibition of historical wine presses, historical cellars, Valtice underground labyrinth, and many wine cellars to relax in.

There might come a time when you’ll see wine even when you close your eyes and you’ll anything to escape it, just for a few moments. In that case, we invite you to explore some other sights and attractions - Valtice and its surroundings offer many.

For example, you can visit the herb garden located in the castle garden. There are 300 kinds of herbs that are used to heal, dye fabrics and flavor meals.

Those interested in our relatively recent history should go to the Iron Curtain Museum, which is the first museum dedicated to the surveillance of state borders. It shows what border protection looked like and how it functioned from 1918 to today.

Valtice - traveler‘s pleasure on every corner

To get some air and light exercise in, you can take a walk to the Reistna hill. You will enjoy an impressive view of the entire city and the Lednice-Valtice area. No wonder it was here that Prince Joseph I of Liechtenstein built a Classicist colonnade in honor of his father and brother.

On the square in Valtice, there is a plague column, which was built as a reminder of the victims of the plague, but also of other hardships that affected the city. Whether it was the wars with the Swedes, the Turks or the Hungarians, the typhoid epidemic or the frequent fires caused by troops heading across the city, the now joyous city of Valtice has lived through a lot.

Amazing architecture of South Moravia

A low-key impressive piece of architecture is the border chateau on the Valtice Route of the Liechtenstein Trails, connecting Sedlec, Úvaly, and Valtice. It was built under Prince John I of Liechtenstein on marshy land, so the first thing they had to do was to reinforced it. The small manor hides a beautiful hall from where you can enter the terrace with a stunning view.

Towards Charvátská Nová Ves stands the mansion called Three Graces. The centerpiece is a sculpture of the Three Graces carved from one piece of stone. Despite its name, it‘s supposed to represent the ancient goddesses Athena, Aphrodite, and Artemis, who were not Graces. But, Graces or Godesses, this sculpture, together with other artworks, makes this another must-see place.


The city of wine is waiting!

"He is not worthy of wine who drinks wine like water," are the motto of the city and the locals definitely agree with it. Discover how truly fine wine can taste, become an expert, or follow the intriguing footsteps of local history. Whichever way in Valtice you’ll decide to go, you will not regret it.