Hohe Tauern - Trekking around the Grossglockner

Hohe Tauern - Trekking around the Grossglockner

I had an opportunity to visit the Austrian part of the Alps. The Alps are a wide trekking area and it was not easy to choose the exact location.

There were mainly two attractive options for us - Dachstein or Grossglockner.

Author Jiri Zmidloch

We finally made the decision to visit the Grossglockner area and I have to say that we chose the right option. The whole trip took five days - two days for transport and three days of trekking.

There are some tips for you below.

Transport and travel costs

We went to Austria by car - this is probably the best option for people from Czech Republic. Distance Brno-Vienna-Heiligenblut takes around 7 hours (depends on weather, car, and traffic) and we were completely exhausted after that.

Your travel costs depend on distance, your car and driving skills. You will have to pay for Motorway Vignette, 10 days is enough and it costs around 9 EUR. But there are more costs waiting for you later on.

If you want to visit The Grossglockner High alpine road, you have to pay 54 EUR/car/30 days. More information about National Park Hohe Tauern fees.

Planning of the Grossglockner trek - 3 days

We planned to begin at Glockner House and move to Glorer Hut. Next day we would trek from Glorer Hut to Elberfeldel Hut and the day after that we would go from Elberfeldel Hut to Glockner House.

GPS coordinates and map of this Grossglockner circle you will find on this link.

Alternative Grossglockner trek - 3 days

When we arrived to the pass near the Boses Weibl we realized that there was a snow field. There was large snow field on a very steep side of the hill.

We didn't have any snow gear with us, so we chose and alternative trek.

You will find alternative Grossglockner trek GPS coordinates and map on this link.

Other costs - camps, huts

  • 1st day you can sleep in tent the Camping place in Rojach. It is a nice place with friendly people. 2 people, 1 car and 1 tent cost around 22 EUR/night.
  • 2nd day you can sleep in the Glorerhütte, an Alpenverein hut. 20 EUR/person/night (or 10 EUR/person/night if you are member of Alpenverein). So.. if there are two of you and you buy some food, you would pay all together 50-70 EUR.
  • 3rd day you can spend in your tent in the wild nature (Hohe Tauren is a National park, you should not NOT sleep in wild nature but if so, behave nature-friendly). Good place for your tent is here. If nobody finds you, it would be for free.
  • 4th day you can move to Zell am See and you can spend your night in Panorama camp. Two people, 1 tent cost around 30 EUR/night.


Grossglockner area is a beautiful location, treks are not very difficult but not easy either.

It is quite a safe place, but this area is a little more expensive than other areas in central Europe.