Vienna and Modern Architecture

Vienna and Modern Architecture

What comes to mind when you hear Vienna? For history lovers, Vienna is known for its splendid landmarks such as Schönbrunn Palace, the famous Albertina, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Hofburg, and more.

These are just a few of the well-known attractions in the capital of Austria. However, today we want to show you Vienna from a different perspective.

We will introduce you to the six most interesting modern buildings in Vienna.

Donau City

The new development on the left bank of the Danube River is a modern and refreshing feat of Vienna's contemporary architecture.

The city of skyscrapers is visible from a distance and is continuously evolving.

It is located just three kilometers from the historic city center and includes the so-called UNO City, home to many global companies and institutions.


If you are fans of colorful architecture, you should definitely not miss a visit to the unique apartment building designed by world-famous architect Friedrich Hundertwasser.

This Vienna native enjoys irregularities and variety. Not only flowers but also bushes sprout from the building's multicolored facade.e.


Another example of modern and highly provocative architecture is the contemporary building designed by architect Hans Hollein.

Originally a furniture store, it now serves as an administrative center. Its controversial aspect is its location directly opposite St. Stephen's Cathedral.


A completely unique architectural feat is the four large Viennese gasometers completed in 1896 by architect Franz Kapaun.

They are located in the Simmering district near the Danube Canal. Originally, they were created for storing illuminating gas, which was previously used for urban lighting in Vienna.

University of Economics

The fifth tip of modern global architecture is the Vienna University of Economics campus, designed by renowned British-Iranian architect Zaha Hadid.

The new library and learning center building, along with the surrounding area, showcase futuristic modernity.

Steirereck Restaurant

In the middle of Vienna's Stadtpark, you can enjoy not only the tranquil nature but also gastronomic and architectural experiences.

Therefore, our last tip is the world-famous gourmet restaurant with two Michelin stars.

The metallic facade of the restaurant perfectly blends with the reflective surroundings of the park, making it hard to discern where the entrance is.

It is the perfect place to conclude a team building event for your company.

UN and the Moon

Did you know that the United Nations (UN) has only four offices worldwide? In addition to New York, Geneva, and African Nairobi, there is also one in Vienna, Austria.

In the premises of Vienna's UN, along with many other exhibits, you can also see a piece of genuine moon rock.