Lowcost Treasure Hunt – Affordable Team Building Activity

Lowcost Treasure Hunt – Affordable Team Building Activity

Lowcost Treasure Hunt is a modern and affordably priced version of the popular team building activity involving treasure hunting.

This activity is designed to be accessible even for corporate events with a tight budget.

It is especially utilized by non-profit organizations, schools, startups, but it's also suitable for family celebrations, bachelor parties, or anyone wanting to experience the thrill of a treasure hunt.

Self-Service Game Version

The game, or its treasures, will be placed at a location specified by the client. It's possible to utilize a game already set up in the location or a game with a storyline.

Participants will compete using their own mobile devices with the TerraHunt app installed. An instructional video can be used to understand the game and how to operate the app.

The game's commencement will take place on a date and time determined by the client. Participants activate the game by scanning a QR code, which they will receive a few days before the scheduled start.

The game's evaluation and results assessment is the responsibility of a coordinator from the client's side, based on information from the game portal.

Advantages of the Lowcost Treasure Hunt Program

  • Flexibility: The game is designed to be suitable for various age groups and teams. Whether it's school trips, family celebrations, or corporate team building, Lowcost Treasure Hunt offers entertainment for everyone.
  • Accessibility: Thanks to the mobile app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple App Store, you can play anywhere and anytime. Whether you're in the city center or in nature, all you need is a mobile device.
  • Variability: The game offers different types of treasures, from texts, images to videos. Each treasure presents a unique challenge to overcome.
  • Interactivity: You can view current results directly in the app or in a more detailed form in the web admin interface. You can compare yourself with other players and share your experiences.

Who is the Activity Suitable for?

  • Non-Profits: For non-profit organizations, it's a great way to motivate members, acquire new volunteers, or simply strengthen team spirit.
  • Schools: Teachers can use the game as an interactive educational tool that fosters critical thinking and teamwork among students.
  • Family Celebrations: Whether it's birthdays, anniversaries, or other significant events, the game provides entertainment for all generations.
  • Bachelor Parties: Why not do something different and original? Instead of a traditional party, you can embark on an adventurous treasure hunt and celebrate the upcoming wedding in an unforgettable style.
  • Startups: For young companies, it's an excellent way to strengthen team collaboration, motivate employees, and at the same time, enjoy a lot of fun.

Budget is No Longer a Barrier

Lowcost Treasure Hunt is a modern, flexible, and affordably priced game that offers endless entertainment possibilities for various target groups. Whether you're looking for an activity for a school trip, family celebration, or corporate team building, this game is the ideal choice.

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