Utilising the Treasure Hunt Activity in Hotel and Resort Services

Utilising the Treasure Hunt Activity in Hotel and Resort Services

Treasure Hunt is a contemporary activity that significantly enhances the offerings of hotels and resorts. This modern geolocation game guides participants around the hotel in a competitive manner using the TerraHunt app.

It's ideal for corporate events and family entertainment, offering not just adventure but also the opportunity to explore the surrounding landscape.

What is Treasure Hunt?

Treasure Hunt is a GPS game where participants use mobile devices and the TerraHunt map application. This app displays treasure locations hidden in a specific area.

The main objective for participants is to visit as many of these sites as possible and correctly answer questions or complete tasks associated with the treasures to earn points.

A Universal Activity for Various Clients

Treasure Hunt is an intriguing tool for hotel event managers. Due to its flexibility, the game can be tailored to both corporate clients and families on holiday. 

The TerraHunt app is available for both major mobile operating systems - iOS and Android, ensuring broad accessibility for hotel guests.

A Long-term Investment with Unlimited Use

Once created, a game can serve the hotel indefinitely. Whether the location is rich in historical landmarks or draws from natural beauty, Treasure Hunt offers entertainment and excitement for all participants.

If a resort has the game in Czech, English, and perhaps German, it will cater to the needs of all clientele.

Dozens of GPS games are already available in interesting locations, and we are happy to create a game in your area.

Easy Updates and Management

Thanks to the user-friendly administrative interface of the TerraHunt platform, hotels can easily update and manage their games.

This interface is accessible via a web browser, simplifying the editing and updating process.

Minimal Training for Staff

Hotel staff don't require extensive training to operate Treasure Hunts. Most information is available through instructional videos on YouTube, streamlining the training process. A tutorials section is also available.

Staff will only provide QR codes to launch the games to interested parties.

Quick and Attractive Offer for Visitors

If visitors arrive at the hotel without a specific plan, Treasure Hunt is an excellent choice. The game is fun, refreshing, and offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the surroundings of the resort, guesthouse, or recreational center.

Collaboration with Z-AGENCY

The team building company Z-AGENCY is ready to collaborate with hotels, resorts, and guesthouses that want to offer their clients modern and attractive experiences.

With expertise in team building and event management, Z-AGENCY is a suitable partner for hotels looking to expand their activity offerings.

Treasure Hunt for Tourism

Treasure Hunt is a modern and refreshing way to enhance the offerings of hotels and resorts with fun and exciting activities. Due to its flexibility and broad application, it's ideal for various types of clients, from corporate customers to families on holiday.

Collaborating with Z-AGENCY and utilising the TerraHunt gaming platform ensures that hotels can offer their visitors unique experiences that will remain in their memories for a long time.