5 reasons to start planning a team building event NOW!

5 reasons to start planning a team building event NOW!

Today, team building is seen as one of the key activities to perform if you want to manage or work in a well-performing team.

When facilitated properly, team building activities help you and your colleagues to understand each other better, form meaningful relationships, communicate clearly, give constructive feedback, solve problems, reach goals and more.

So, what are the main ways quality team building events improve the atmosphere and functioning of a team?

1) Creating relationships with colleagues

One of the biggest positive effects of a well-managed team building is that employees get to know each other better. Participants can see their colleagues in a very different context than the often-nervous environment of the office.

Teambuilding led by professionals can allow everyone to forget about daily work animosities, bond over shared experiences and create more profound relationships.

2) Setting up the roles in a team

In a team-building game, everyone has a role to play. Often, then roles and hierarchies in the game don’t match the ones from the workplace, which leads to a more leveled playing field. This, in turn, increases the team building effect and promotes respect and understanding among the team members and leads to greater work efficiency.

3) Getting of the strengths and weaknesses of the team members

When being part of a team or even creating a new one, it is important to know how individuals respond to situations, how they think, and how they behave within a team. All of these come together in a complex interplay that will ultimately define the success of the team.

4) Creating the habit of quality communication and team problem solving

At a time when we try to solve most of our problems by e-mail or phone call, it is necessary to support team members in improving their interpersonal skills.

Discussing unexpected problems and long-term goals or giving constructive feedback face to face is an important skill and it shouldn’t be overlooked. It increases team efficiency and improves the quality of decision making. Team building activities can help you work on these skills.

5) Having fun!

All the benefits listed above might make it seem like team building is something very serious and efficient. But don’t worry! It is usually fun! You choose from many forms of team building activities that will entertain your team members and at the same time will have a positive effect on your team.

It is common to have at least one bigger team building event a year, to both support the personal and work-related growth of the employees and give them the chance to have lots of fun and new experiences.

Choose professionals

If you want your event to have the biggest impact possible, it’s not enough to just bring some Scrabble to the office or go to a pub. We encourage you to choose professionals who can provide you with an awesome experience that will be fun, interesting and beneficial for your team.