Treasure Hunt for cities, municipalities or protected landscape areas

Treasure Hunt for cities, municipalities or protected landscape areas

Do you want to attract more tourists to your municipality, city, or protected landscape area while enriching their visit experience?

We offer you a unique opportunity - the creation of a customized geolocation game, Treasure Hunt. A game that combines fun, education, and discovery of the beauty of your region.

Author Jiri Zmidloch

Customized Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a geolocation game that uses the latest technology to create an unforgettable adventure for players.

It is played using tablets or smartphones, where players search for hidden treasures, answer questions, and complete tasks.

We will create a custom-made Treasure Hunt directly for your location, taking into account its specifics.

We can adapt the game to any age group and consider specific wishes or needs of your municipality or city.


Our cooperation will be transparent and efficient. First, we will discuss your ideas and goals together.

Then we will propose a game concept that will take into account the specifics of your location.

After approving the concept, our team will create the complete game, including questions, tasks, and treasure locations.

What we offer

Our goal is to create a unique experience for you that will attract new visitors and enrich the experience of existing ones.

A customized Treasure Hunt is an ideal way to showcase the beauty of your area, history, culture, or natural wealth. And all of this in the name of fun and using the latest technology.

What our mutual cooperation can involve:

  • Customized content: We will create a game tailored to your area and needs.

  • Technical support: Our games work on iOS and Android. For content management, we have a web application.

  • Marketing and promotion: Promotion of the game on our platforms and social networks.

  • Commercial events: We can offer the game to our corporate clients as well, thus increasing the number of visitors to your location. We will include it among our other GPS games.

  • Maintenance and updates: We will regularly monitor and update the game to ensure that it is functioning properly.

  • Training and tutorials: We have a range of tutorials in both Czech and English, and these will be fully available to you. If you want to manage and update the game yourself, we will train you in using the web application for content management.

Case study

In cooperation with the municipality of Nový Bor, we created the Treasure Hunt Nový Bor game, which opens doors for tourists to the rich glassmaking history of this municipality.​

Get Your Own Game

Treasure Hunt is more than just a game - it's a tool that can attract tourists, boost the local economy, and raise awareness about your area. Thanks to our collaboration, you will be able to utilize this unique way of showcasing the best of your region.

We offer you a comprehensive solution from concept to game realization. Take advantage of our more than a decade of experience in creating and organizing geolocation games.

Contact us today and start planning your own adventure. We look forward to collaborating!