We are looking for business partners in locations

We are looking for business partners in locations

Are you a hotel or a conference hall hosting events for companies? Offer your clients an exciting team building programme to spice up their stay at your hotel or conference hall! Our TerraHunt games are a modern and budget-friendly way to further enlarge your offer of interesting activities.

Our corporate clients love them! We are looking for business partners in locations suitable for the creation of this interactive GPS-based game, such as interesting cities or natural parks.

Bespoke GPS game

When we will agree on our cooperation, we will create one of our TerraHunt GPS games specially for the area around your hotel. We will market the new game with your name included. The participants will explore not only the area around your hotel, but also interesting and beautiful sites nearby. Your guests will take part in a two to three-hour adventure and come back to your hotel with great experiences, new knowledge and stories to tell. The only thing we need is a good enough mobile signal, because the tablets are connected to the internet 24/7.

Currently Offered GPS-based Games

A seamless cooperation

Together we will choose one or more of three types of games we offer – Treasure Hunt, Mystery Trail and Challenge Tour. We will create the game bespoke for the location of your hotel, get it ready for clients and start marketing it too. Once a client will choose to enjoy this awesome outdoor team building game, we can adapt the game to their needs, we will come to your hotel and take care of the whole game. Our team will explain the rules of the game and how to use the application, will borrow the tablets and all other materials they might need to clients, be a technical support during the game, and award the winners at the end of the adventure.

Clear partnership rules

You can always count on us to be open and honest with you, and to deliver high quality services for your guests. We will set the clear rules and conditions of the partnership and make sure that they are a true win-win situation. When you choose to cooperate with us, you’ll be able to offer your clients another exciting and budget-friendly service.

GPS game for every hotel

Are you interested in our offer? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will love to discuss the specifics of the cooperation and how can we help each other to succeed.

Spread the TerraHunt fun!

Maybe your hotel is too far away for our team to come to you to facilitate each group? Or you are not an owner or manager of a hotel or a conference space, but you are interested in a partnership, nevertheless? Contact us too, maybe we will figure out to successfully can cooperate anyways.