More must-see places in Karlovy Vary

More must-see places in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the most visited spa town in the Czech Republic, but it would be a mistake to think that healing spring water is the only thing it can offer.

The multicultural city – also known as Carlsbad – is famous also for its film festival, beautiful architecture and top-quality glassmaking.

However, it is mainly the colonnades, city parks and other places made for relaxation and creates the unforgettable atmosphere of Karlovy Vary.

In today's article, we offer you some ideas on what you can do and experience in Karlovy Vary to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

Take a tour of the unique Karlovy Vary Underground

The most famous thermal spring of Karlovy Vary is undoubtedly the Hot Spring (Vřídlo). The spring water has been finding its way to the surface for centuries, but of course, it had to be helped a bit so that people can reap its benefits.

Nowadays, the town offers a tour of the underground below the Hot Spring Colonnade, which allows you to see some of Karlovy Vary's secrets.

You can see the exact place where the springs come to the ground or admire a collection of unique thermal springs rocks that are typical of Karlovy Vary.

Walk through the romantic Little Versailles of Carlsbad

In the woods around the city, there is a hidden park that has enchanted even Johann Wolfgang Goethe. The so-called Small Versailles offers a lake with an island in the middle and a variety of places to sit, one more picturesque than the other.

In the park, you will also find the renowned restaurant carrying the same name, which, after its reconstruction in 2017, was awarded the title Building of the Karlovy Vary Region.

To find your way to and from the park, you can choose from many well-marked trails, some of which will lead you to Diana lookout tower.

Be amazed by the Butterfly House

The Diana lookout tower is a popular place to visit also because it includes another unusual attraction that can be discovered in Karlovy Vary - a tropical garden full of butterflies.

The garden is home to hundreds of exotic butterflies, all living within a 100 square meter area. You can spend hours and hours admiring and photographing these brightly colored beauties.

In addition, the Butterfly House has a specialized hatchery, which allows you to see with your own eyes the miracle of transformation – the birth of a butterfly.

Relax in the Japanese Zen garden in West Bohemia

When you grow tired of the hustle and bustle of the busy spa town, you can take a short walk along the banks of the Tepla River. By doing so, you will almost transport yourself to a different country, even a different continent!

Hidden among all the pompous spa palaces you can find the Japanese meditation garden. It was established in the late 1990s with the goal of bringing Japanese and European culture closer together.

All elements of the garden have been chosen carefully for their symbolic meaning and they create an environment suitable for calm reflexion and meditation.

In Carlsbad, everybody will find something they love!

Karlovy Vary has been a beloved tourist destination for many years and is proud to be able to adapt and always offer its visitors the best experiences, with a number of interesting attractions and places for rest and relaxation.

Whether it is an adventure trip to the underground, a promenade through the spa woods reminiscent of old times, admiring the wild butterflies, relaxing in the Japanese garden, exploring the city with GPS tablets or something else, everyone will find something that will bring them everlasting memories.