Ostrava has over 1930 streets. Its postal code is 702 00. The average altitude ranges from 208 to 334 meters above sea level. It spans more than two hundred square kilometers. It is situated at the confluence of four rivers: Lučina, Odra, Ostravice, and Opava.

Nearly 290,000 people live there. This is Ostrava, the third most populous city in the Czech Republic.

Origin of the Name

The first mention of Ostrava dates back to the 13th century. Its name from that period is derived from one of the rivers flowing through Ostrava – Ostravice. The basis of the word "Ostrava" describes this river that flows through the city "sharply, swiftly, and quickly.“

Prehistoric Ostrava

The first evidence of settlement in the area of today's Ostrava dates back to the Stone Age.

On Landek Hill, according to archaeological research, mammoth hunters resided, who, even in their time, used local coal resources for heating.

This represents the very first documented use of coal for heating purposes in the world.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Ostrava has its famous archaeological Venus? This 48-millimeter tall statue was discovered in the Ostrava region in 1953. The torso of the female figure made of clay was named Petřkovice or Landek Venus.

Medieval Ostrava

Medieval Ostrava, or rather the villages belonging to the territory of today's city, is mentioned in a document by Pope Gregory IX.

It dates from 1229 and mentions the village of Polská Ostrava (now known as Slezská Ostrava).

  • In 1297, the Slezskoostrava Castle was built to protect the territory of the Czech kingdom. However, the name Ostrava is first mentioned in 1267 in the will of the Olomouc bishop Bruno of Schauenburg.
  • In 1362, Ostrava obtained the right from Emperor Charles IV to hold a 16-day annual fair. Fortunately, the Hussite wars bypassed Ostrava.
  • In 1436, the town briefly came under the ownership of the Hussite captain Jan Čapek of Sán. From 1437 to 1848, Ostrava belonged to the Hukvaldy estate.
  • The year 1625 brought the plague to Moravian Ostrava, which claimed half of its inhabitants. During the Thirty Years' War, the city was one of the most affected locations in the then Czech lands.

Pride, Strength, Confidence?

Do you know what the three exclamation marks on the marketing logo of the city of Ostrava mean? Their creators wanted to appreciate three Ostrava virtues – energy, confidence, and a sense of humor. However, the exclamation marks can symbolize anything that makes Ostrava unique for you.

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