Ostrava - Bold Architectural Buildings

Ostrava - Bold Architectural Buildings

In recent years, domestic cities have been opening doors to the realization of modern and often bold architectural ventures. One such city is Ostrava. Here, you will find several exceptional buildings that undoubtedly belong to the 21st century.

We have prepared a brief overview of the most interesting for you.

Auditorium in a Former Gasometer

One of the successful modern constructions in Ostrava is the development of a multifunctional hall within the original gasometer.

This bold and successful idea was realized by architect Josef Pleskot in the Dolní Vítkovice area of Ostrava, which has been transforming from an industrial area into a multipurpose center.

The original gas cylinder, seventy meters in diameter, was partially lifted by fifteen meters to place a skylight of the same diameter in its center. This development has won numerous awards.


The freshest fruit of Ostrava's modern architecture is a multipurpose administrative building named Organica, scheduled for completion by the end of 2023.

The building comprises not only six floors with over 25,000 square meters of office space but also an adjoining park with its own furnishings and perfectly planned lighting.

Ostrava University Campus

On Černá Louka near the banks of the Ostravice River, a unique construction worth over a billion Czech crowns was completed.

The site, with two new university buildings and quality facilities for sports and the arts, has significantly transformed the Černá Louka area in Ostrava.

Gallery Plato

Near the aforementioned Ostrava University campus is the building of the former slaughterhouse.

In September 2023, the gallery Plato moved into this newly renovated building designed by Polish architect Robert Konieczny.

Ostravica – Textilia

Another unique project transforming a historical landmark into a modern structure is the former fashion house opened in 1930.

In its time, it was one of the most luxurious buildings in all of Czechoslovakia.

Today, in private hands, the building is being reconstructed according to the design of the famous Berlin-based extravagant architect Marie Frommer.

Ostrava's Ongoing Development

In terms of modern architecture, Ostrava will undoubtedly continue to evolve. Did you know that new constructions and studies of objects such as the new building of the Faculty of Economics at VŠB-TUO, a new parking building near the ZOO, or the Nové Lauby residential complex are underway?

Ostrava is an ideal place for hosting corporate escape games. Ostrava is, after all, continually developing and moving forward.