For success in life and business, become a strategist

For success in life and business, become a strategist

Are you living your life on autopilot, or do you have a plan for yourself? We believe that each of us should be interested in where our life will go. We should be in control (at least as much as possible) we should know where we want to end up and how we to adapt and use the environment to our benefit. All of this is included in one word: strategy.

We are not omnipotent, but all of us can influence our destiny. We can do much more than we know. How to master the art of strategy?

What are strategy and strategists?

The origin of the word strategy is in Greek – the words stratos (army) and agein (lead). „Strategy“ is then derived from the word strategos (an army general).

The main meaning of strategy is long-term planning to help achieve a set goal or goals. The strategy describes how the goal will be achieved. The person responsible for crafting such a plan is called strategist.

„The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.“
Michael Porter

A corporate strategy

Each company's strategy should articulate the right goals, lay out a plan of how to realize them and how to deal effectively with obstacles.

Every business must be clear about what it does and which target group it serves, have its short-term goals and a compelling vision of the future.

A strategy is not only an art of real life but also a highly developed science. To be effective and useful a strategy must be:

  • simple,

  • understandable,

  • attractive,

  • applicable

  • time-efficient

  • adaptable.

Successful people think strategically

One of the most important qualities of a true leader in the art of strategic thinking. Every capable manager and, in our opinion, even an ordinary citizen should be able to do this.

Those, who can do it, will become successful. But not all great strategists have a God-given talent for it. That’s good news for everyone – it’s a skill that can be learned and perfected!

As an aspiring strategist, you should do your best to improve your skills in a way that:

  1. You can predict and search for information.

  2. You can think critically and are not afraid to ask for more information.

  3. You collect information from different sources and then form your opinion.

  4. You never stop learning.

  5. You can choose the right solution and decide when it is needed.

Great strategists of the past

There have been countless strategists in the history who, thanks to their abilities, have proved what a difference a good strategy can make.

Many of them showed their skills in battles and leading armies, where the mastered art of strategy is most visible.


Sun-Tzu was born around the fifth century BC and is considered the "father of strategy". He wrote the "The Art of War", which deals with military strategy, and is the most famous military manual of all time.

Sun-Tzu has been recognized as a brilliant strategist, and some of his lessons are still used by people today. Grasping these concepts helps entrepreneurs better understand business management, especially in countries such as China, Japan or Korea.

Gaius Julius Caesar

The Roman commander, politician and one of the most powerful men of Antiquity is seen by military historians as one of the most capable strategists in the history of military.

Despite some defeats, he demonstrated the tactical genius in battle as well as in the treatment of his soldiers and during his political career.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Born in Corsica, this famous military general founded the French Empire in 1804 and became its emperor. His people loved him and thought he was invulnerable and could not be defeated.

Probably the most famous victory came in the Battle of Austerlitz, where he managed to win over the Allies of the Russian Empire and the Holy Roman Empire. He had not so many soldiers or equipment, yet he could defeat the two powers. Unfortunately, not even the best strategy can ensure your success when you forget about the Russian winter.

Carl von Clausewitz

This Prussian general was an important war strategist and theorist. His work and ideas have significantly influenced many strategic theories and to this day, his writings are studied by those who want to learn more about war, strategy and international relations.

His famous quote is: "War is merely a continuation of politics by other means"

Winston Churchill 

Sir Winston Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He became famous mainly during World War II. No doubt he led an interesting life - there are many controversial stories about his.

Today, he is considered a brilliant strategist who was partly a true savior and partly a scapegoat.

Strategy for life

During our lives, we have different roles and in them, we play based on our strategies, whether we act on purpose or are driving on autopilot. Sometimes we are the ones writing and editing the screenplay of our movie and other times we wonder if we accidentally got a role in someone else's horror movie. The tricky thing about a strategy is that you never know in advance whether it's good or bad. Only time will tell if it will help us to bring our visions to life.

If it is such an uncertain and complicated discipline, why throw in the towel and leave the art of strategy only to experts? Because everyone should attempt to have their lives under control. The world is not black and white and life doesn’t come with user instructions. It’s colorful and everchanging and no goal can be reached without plans and strategies.