Treasure Hunt at Vican Winery: The TerraHunt Gaming Platform as an Impetus for Tourism

Treasure Hunt at Vican Winery: The TerraHunt Gaming Platform as an Impetus for Tourism

In an idyllic setting, where vineyards bend under the weight of ripe grapes, not only excellent wines are born but also new forms of entertainment.

The Treasure Hunt program "Not Just in the Footsteps of Grapes," developed in collaboration with Vican Winery, is an example of combining traditional viticulture with modern technologies.

And it is here that the TerraHunt gaming platform for team games makes its entrance.

Gaming Platform for Resorts and Cities

TerraHunt is a gaming platform specializing in outdoor, indoor, and virtual games. This platform offers an exciting opportunity for hotels, resorts, municipalities, and cities to enrich their offerings for tourists and support tourism.

Using the TerraHunt gaming platform, these entities can create their own treasure hunt games that attract visitors to explore local attractions, history, or culture, thereby supporting the local economy and regional development.

Not Just in the Footsteps of Grapes

The game "Not Just in the Footsteps of Grapes," set in the picturesque environment of Vican Winery, is a clear example of how this platform can be effectively utilized.

On a route of approximately one hour, players will find 18 treasures, each with its own riddle or challenge, guiding them through all corners of this South Moravian winery.

The fun and interactive element of the game attracts visitors who can look forward not only to discovering hidden treasures but also to tasting select wines from Vican Winery.

When the Sommelier Creates the Game

The head sommelier of Vican Winery, Lenka Maloňová, who personally created the game, expressed her enthusiasm: "Collaborating with the Z-AGENCY team, who developed the TerraHunt gaming platform, has opened up entirely new possibilities for us to introduce our world of wine to a broader audience.

The game is not only entertaining but also educational and represents a great way to connect digital technologies with the real world."

Experiences Serving Tourism

Z-AGENCY, behind the TerraHunt platform, emphasizes that their platform is flexible and easily adaptable to the needs of various locations and organizations. "Our solution for Vican Winery demonstrates how TerraHunt can be used to support tourism.

We bring original experiences that cities, municipalities, and businesses in the tourism sector can use to attract and engage visitors," adds Jiří Zmidloch, managing director of Z-AGENCY s.r.o.

Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The program "Not Just in the Footsteps of Grapes" is not just a game; it is an example of how innovative technologies can revitalize traditional services and provide a new impetus for the development of tourism.

Vican Winery and Z-AGENCY are opening new possibilities for experiential tourism. They are combining a love for nature, a passion for wine, and digital innovations into a unique and memorable experience.

The collaboration between the Family Vican Winery and Z-AGENCY originated during the COVID era when there was a need to quickly transition to an online environment. Thanks to the small bottles from Vican Winery, the collaboration on online tastings was a natural fit.