Karlovy Vary and its 2 most

Karlovy Vary and its 2 most

The largest and, according to many, the most beautiful spa town in the Czech Republic. Although only just under fifty thousand people live here, it is visited each year by more than 280 thousand domestic and foreign tourists.

City history

Delving into the history of Karlovy Vary will lead you to the figure of the Czech and Roman king Charles IV himself. In 1571, Dr. Fabian Summer wrote a legend that describes the circumstances of the city's founding.

The legend says that a hunting dog chased a deer or chamois, which boldly decided to jump from a high rock. At the place of its landing, a hot spring was discovered, which immediately intrigued Charles IV himself.

He repeatedly used the spring as part of a healing cure. Charles IV eventually granted Karlovy Vary the privileges of a royal city. This happened in 1370.

1.MOST - City of Hot Springs

In the area of Karlovy Vary, you will find more than 80 separate hot springs. Only 13 of them, however, are intended for drinking and made accessible to city visitors. What are the most famous ones?

The Hottest Spring

The hottest spring in Karlovy Vary is called Vřídlo. It reaches a temperature of 73.4 degrees Celsius and springs from a depth of three kilometers. The pressure shoots the water up to a height of 12 meters.

The Most Popular Spring

The most popular spring, which locals call "the thirteenth", is the Becher Spring. For over 200 years, it has been a popular destination for city visitors. On today's T. G. Masaryk Avenue, you can find an interesting museum about the history of the Becher brand.

2. MOST – City of Porcelain and Glass

Karlovy Vary is also associated with two world-famous brands of porcelain and glass. These are the factories of the Thun and Moser brands. The Moser glassworks was named after its founder Ludwig Löwi Moser and focused on the production of Czech crystal glass.

The Thun brand represents the traditional production of porcelain, which has existed in the Karlovy Vary region since 1794.

Spa Triangle

Did you know that Karlovy Vary, along with Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne, belongs to the so-called spa triangle?

All cities became part of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 2021.