New Garmin Phoenix 6 smart GPS watches. Will they beat the competition?

New Garmin Phoenix 6 smart GPS watches. Will they beat the competition?

The personal electronics company Garmin supplies not only the Czech market with more and more sophisticated and truly smarter watches. These include the new Phoenix 6 series. What makes them even better than the previous Phoenix 5? Will they succeed compared to other competitors?

Given the great sophistication of the Phoenix 5 Series, many users have asked if there is anything else that the next generation should be able to do. As you can see, something was finally found. Of course, it is not a touch screen, although many would like it. There are still classic buttons - five of them to be precise. The main change is a larger display and a better battery life.

Key features of Garmin Phoenix 6 smart GPS watches

The biggest innovation is an integrated solar panel and an improved optical heart rate sensor, which now also measures while swimming. Then there's a newly created expedition mode, during which the GPS position is recorded only once per hour. In this mode, the watch lasts up to 28 days, and if you cut on your energy consumption by making some other changes, it can be up to 48 days!

In normal mode, you can expect a 14-day battery life; if the GPS is always on, you will get out around 36 hours; and 10 hours when you play music on your headphones. All power consumption is detected by the Power Manager application.

Phoenix 6 has many levels

Garmin has also prepared several different variants of watches in this series. Those labeled Phoenix 6S have a 1.2 "display with the weakest battery and are also missing Wi-Fi, the ability to play music, and maps.

The Phoenix 6 Series has a 1.3 ”display, better battery, and 32GB of storage. The latest Phoenix 6X series has a large 1.4 ”color display and a slightly better battery and memory, and the most luxurious model called Phoenix 6X Solar already boasts the aforementioned solar charging.

All Garmin Phoenix 6 include GPS, Glonass and Galileo, barometer, altimeter, heart rate sensor and a sensor for measuring blood oxygen. Depending on your model, you can easily view navigation, topographic maps, or even a ski slope map.

How useful is the solar panel?

The integrated solar panel is certainly a pleasant and interesting novelty in the new watch series. However, it does not mean that you can throw the charger away. This is because the display is too small to produce enough energy.

Therefore, for the most energy-intensive applications, and especially the GPS, the solar panel in the glass above the display extends the battery life for about an hour.

If you use less energy-demanding applications, it can make a big difference, and in a standby mode, you can even get a full 40 days!

It should also be noted that the solar panel is not available on all models, but only on the larger (and more expensive) 6X. Also, be sure to pay for it, of course.

Comparison with the previous model Garmin Phoenix ​​5

How much did Garmin change on the new Phoenix ​​6? Compared to the previous Gamin Phoenix ​​5, battery life is the main difference. This is undoubtedly larger and for many consumers, that is very important. It also has a better display and is even 5 grams lighter. The classic characteristics and quality of other Garmin sport testers are still there.

The differences between Garmin Phoenix ​​5 and Garmin Phoenix ​​6:

  • More battery modes and better battery life

  • better display,

  • less weight,

  • Garmin pay,

  • offline playlists,

  • three screen sizes,

  • higher resolution in three versions,

  • the Garmin Phoenix ​​6X Pro Solar features an integrated solar display.

What about the competition - Apple Watch Series 4 or Xiaomi Amazfit Bip?

Compared to the Garmin Phoenix ​​5, the new Phoenix ​​6 series is better. It has several new features and interesting gadgets that will surely find its buyers.

But can they beat other brands? These include the Apple Watch Series 4. They can be found in the Czech market in six color variations and have a watchOS 5 operating system.

Compared to the Phoenix ​​6, however, it offers less waterproofness, memory (depending on the Phoenix ​​6 type) and less battery life.

However, they are equipped with a larger display and have less weight. In many reviews and comparisons on the Internet, the Garmin Phoenix ​​5 is beating the Apple Watch Series 4!

Smartwatch Xiaomi Amazfit Bip is not a strong competition but may be an ideal solution for less demanding users. If you don’t expect a perfectly fine-tuned model with dozens of features, they have a few big advantages. The first is the battery life, which is up to 45 days.

Reflective display and overall attractive design are a big plus, too. The device is waterproof and available in several colors. But what is probably the biggest attraction for this brand is the price, when for little money, you get a lot of features.

Innovation can’t be stopped

The Garmin Phoenix 6 with a larger display and a host of new or improved features is available in a variety of color combinations.

Certainly, the biggest Innovation is the solar charging at the top range, which can attract even the greatest opponents of modern technology.