When Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, it was expected that the entertainment giant would want to fully capitalize on its latest purchase. To this end, they not only produced a rather lackluster new Star Wars trilogy but also began to dabble in animated and later live-action series.

There are now a plethora of these series, and not all of them can be deemed successful. However, the very first one, "The Mandalorian," was a hit, at least for the first two seasons.

It Started with the Empire

The story of "The Mandalorian" essentially began in 1980 when the fifth episode of Star Wars, subtitled "The Empire Strikes Back," hit theaters. This was the premiere of Boba Fett – a bounty hunter with a pretty cool armor.

Although his role was minor and he had only a few lines in the movie, fans loved this character so much that a series of comics and books were released about him. Eventually, Lucas included him in the prequel trilogy and the animated series "Clone Wars."

Is it Boba? Isn't it Boba?

The main character of "The Mandalorian" series is essentially a more sophisticated version of Boba. He also hunts people for money, acts tough, and wears the stylish Mandalorian armor. Unlike Boba, however, the main character of the series is a true Mandalorian.

Mandalorians have a unique culture based on warfare and everything related to it. They are essentially the Klingons of the Star Wars universe. However, their planet was devastated by the Empire and became practically uninhabitable. Hence, various groups of Mandalorians are scattered throughout the galaxy.

Due to their exceptional combat skills, they typically work as mercenaries and bounty hunters. Such is the case with Din Djarin.

A Bounty Hunter with a Heart in the Right Place

Djarin is played by the now very popular actor Pedro Pascal, known from hit series like "Game of Thrones," "Narcos," and most recently, "The Last of Us."

Given that the Mandalorian rarely removes his helmet, practically anyone could play him. I wouldn't be surprised if, due to the actor's busy schedule, this was sometimes the case. Pascal could essentially just voice-over his character later.

However, it doesn't matter, as Mando is quite likable, and it doesn't really matter who is inside the armor.

Baby Yoda

The second main character is Grogu, aka Baby Yoda. He's a tiny creature of the same species and has some of the abilities that Master Yoda from the movies had. Grogu is not only adorable but also has some Jedi tricks up his sleeve.

In the series, at least in the first two seasons, a significant part of the plot revolves around this cute little guy. And there's nothing wrong with that, as the story moves along at a good pace, maintaining its pleasant western atmosphere.

The Story Falters

However, many people are disappointed with the latest third season, which deviates from the established pattern and focuses more on the events in the galaxy, specifically the Mandalorians. Yes, the audience gets more glitz, but the storyline starts to falter.

Moreover, the Mandalorians are portrayed as semi-literate fools who can only recite the now somewhat annoying catchphrase "this is the way."

Once or twice per episode is bearable, but the galaxy's greatest warriors using this phrase even for trivial matters becomes bothersome and feels awkward.

Industrial Production of Series

The first two seasons are pretty good. They should entertain even those who aren't very familiar with the Star Wars universe. And even if they miss a ton of references, they'll still have a good time.

The third season isn't a disaster, but it's also nothing special. However, for those primarily interested in effects and action, they might prefer the latest season the most.