How to add gamification to an amusement park or zoo's marketing strategy?

How to add gamification to an amusement park or zoo's marketing strategy?

Your amusement park or zoo can utilize gamification as a part of the marketing strategy to enhance the experience of your visitors. With this approach, you can engage visitors with gaming elements that motivate and bring entertainment.

Below are some ways to incorporate gamification into your marketing strategy.

Offer Rewards

Providing rewards is one of the best ways to engage visitors, such as discounts, special gifts, or promotional materials. These rewards can be given for completing certain tasks, interacting with a specific attraction or staff member.

Create a Mobile App

Another way to engage visitors is to create an app that they can install on their phones. The app can include gaming elements that motivate visitors to explore different areas of the park or zoo.

The app can also provide features for easier navigation and access to information about the park, attractions, or animals.

You can either develop a custom app, which is financially costly, or utilize an existing gaming platform to benefit from the synergy of other parks that use the same gaming platform.

Try TerraHunt mobile app, which allows you to create various themed games, educational trails, or interesting quizzes for your park. Alternatively, you can have a game created by professionals.

Create a Competition

Contests are an effective way to engage visitors in gamification. You can organize a contest for the best photo with a particular animal or attraction, or for the highest number of completed tasks in a certain part of the park.

Contests can be linked to rewards to increase visitors' motivation to participate.

Create a Virtual Guide

Creating a virtual guide can help visitors navigate the park or zoo. The guide can include interactive elements, such as questions, tasks, and hints, to help visitors discover different areas of the park.

Link Gamification to Education

You can link gamification to an educational program to teach visitors about different animal species and their environments. This option is suitable for botanical and zoological gardens or educational trails.

Tasks and questions in the app or virtual guide can focus on specific aspects, such as ecology or biology.

Such a program should be created by game development specialists and educational experts.

Enhance visitors' experience

Gamification is a great way to engage visitors and enhance their experience of your amusement park or zoo.

Offering rewards, creating contests, providing a virtual guide or app, and linking gamification to an educational program are just some of the ways to successfully incorporate gamification into your marketing strategy.

Use gamification to ensure visitors spend more time in the areas you want them to. Don't forget that gamification can also be a fun way of learning.