Pasohlávky - Nové Mlýny Reservoir

Pasohlávky - Nové Mlýny Reservoir

In the south of Moravia, beneath the Pavlov Hills, you'll find the unique water structure of Nové Mlýny. It consists of a cascade of three reservoirs built on the Dyje River between 1972 and 1988.

Based on their location, they are named: closest to the first dam is the Nové Mlýny - upper reservoir (also called Mušov), in the middle is the Nové Mlýny - middle reservoir (or Věstonice), and at the end is the Nové Mlýny - lower reservoir (or Novomlýnská).

Each of them is exceptional in its own way.

Nové Mlýny Reservoir - Upper

The Nové Mlýny upper reservoir, also known as Mušov, is located near the village of Pasohlávky, where you'll also find a popular enclosed campground area consisting of two separate lagoons.

Both lagoons are renowned for their sandy and grassy beaches that gradually descend into the water. The upper Nové Mlýny reservoir is primarily used for swimming, windsurfing, fishing, and boating. Its depth does not exceed two meters.

Fun Fact: Did you know that near the village of Pasohlávky, almost two thousand years ago, the famous army of Roman legionnaires of Emperor Marcus Aurelius camped? Today, where this only irregularly shaped Roman military station in Moravia once stood, there's an interactive exhibition.

Nové Mlýny Reservoir - Middle

The middle Nové Mlýny reservoir is also known as Věstonice. This hints at the fact that on its shore lies the village of Dolní Věstonice, where the famous Věstonice Venus was discovered.

It's an eleven-centimeter-tall statue of a woman, believed to be 25 to 29 thousand years old, making it the oldest ceramic art object in the world.

The Věstonice reservoir is part of the Protected Landscape Area of Pálava. As a nature reserve, it primarily serves as a refuge for many bird species.

For instance, Nordic goose species and sea eagles winter here. On one of the islands formed after the reservoir was flooded, the Baroque Church of St. Nicholas remains.

Fun Fact: Did you know that on the second-largest island of the Věstonice reservoir, you can find more than two thousand graves from the time of the Great Moravian Empire?

Nové Mlýny Reservoir - Lower

The last of the three reservoirs is called the Upper or Novomlýnská. It's mainly used for recreational swimming, fishing, and irrigation.

The earthen dam is 9.5 meters high and 4.6 kilometers long. Near it, there's a small hydroelectric power station.

Size Matters

The Nové Mlýny reservoir system is the largest body of water in Moravia, covering an area of 32.3 square kilometers. The largest body of water in the Czech Republic is the Lipno reservoir, spanning an area of 48.7 square kilometers.

In this region, you can enjoy several fantastic team building programs such as Treasure Hunt Pasohlávky, Treasure Hunt Pálava, or the slightly farther Treasure Hunt Mikulov.