The history of glassmaking in Nový Bor

The history of glassmaking in Nový Bor

In this article, we dive into the rich history of glassmaking in Nový Bor, a small town located in the north of the Czech Republic. From the first glassworks to the current state of this important industry, which has shaped the face of the region for centuries.

The First Glassworks

The glassmaking in Nový Bor dates back to the 14th century, when the first glassworks were established. Thanks to the presence of quality wood and sand for glass production, this area became an ideal place for the development of glassmaking.

Famous Glassmaking Families

Over the centuries, several glassmaking families settled in Nový Bor, bringing their art and craft to this region. These include, for example, the Kavalír, Rückl, or Roubíček families. These families have significantly contributed to the development of glassmaking in the area and its reputation on a global scale.

Industrial Development

The glassmaking in Nový Bor experienced its greatest expansion in the 18th and 19th centuries, with the export market particularly developing. This era included an increase in the number of glassworks, improvement of techniques, and increasing production. There was also professionalization and diversification of the industry.

Artistic Glassmaking

Nový Bor is known not only for its production of utility glass but also for artistic glassmaking. During the 20th century, a tradition of glass art developed here, involving the creation of original and innovative designs. Significant artists such as Stanislav Libenský or Jaroslava Brychtová contributed to the development of artistic glassmaking and its international recognition.

Technical Progress

Many innovations and technological developments have taken place in the glassmaking industry in Nový Bor. These include the invention of various methods, such as blown glass, ground glass, or cast glass. These innovations have helped streamline production and expand design possibilities.

Export Successes

Thanks to the high quality and diversity of products, the glassworks from Nový Bor became world-renowned and their products were exported to many countries. In this way, the city gained international prestige and became an important center of glassmaking.


A number of schools and apprenticeships focused on glassmaking have been established in Nový Bor. This allowed for the development of professional skills and education in this craft. These institutions contributed to maintaining and strengthening the glassmaking tradition in the region.

International Influence

Glassmaking in Nový Bor was also influenced by international events. Cooperation with foreign glassmakers, participation in world exhibitions, and exchange of experiences contributed to enriching and expanding the glassmaking tradition in Nový Bor.

The Communist Era

The communist era had a significant impact on glassmaking in Nový Bor. State interventions and restrictions led to a deterioration in quality and a reduction in production. However, after 1989, glassmaking began to gradually recover and reconnect with earlier traditions.

Current Status

Today, glassmaking in Nový Bor continues in the tradition of producing quality and artistic glass. Many glassworks focus on handmade production and original design. At the same time, they are engaged in innovations and modern technologies in glass production.

Perspectives and Challenges

The future of glassmaking in Nový Bor faces several challenges. These include competition from abroad, maintaining traditional skills, and gaining new markets. Despite this, glassmaking in this region maintains a strong position and strives to adapt to new conditions.

Tourism and Culture

Glassmaking in Nový Bor also influences the tourist and cultural life of the city. Visiting glassworks, museums, and exhibitions has become a popular tourist activity. The city also hosts various glassmaking festivals and events that attract visitors from all over the world. In the city, you can also play the competitive game Treasure Hunt Nový Bor.


In recent years, the glassmaking industry in Nový Bor has also focused on sustainability and environmental responsibility. Efforts to reduce emissions and recycle materials contribute to the protection of the environment and the sustainable development of the industry.

Rich and Fascinating History

The history of glassmaking in Nový Bor is rich and fascinating. From the first glassworks to the current state of the industry, which strives to face new challenges and maintain its unique tradition. Glassmaking in Nový Bor maintains its importance and significance for the city and the entire world.


  • What are the main glassmaking techniques used in Nový Bor? Various glassmaking techniques are used in Nový Bor, such as blown glass, ground glass, cast glass, glass painting, and engraving.
  • Which glassmaking families have contributed to the development of glassmaking in Nový Bor? The most significant glassmaking families in Nový Bor include Kavalír, Rückl, and Roubíček.
  • Which school focuses on education in glassmaking in Nový Bor? The Secondary School of Glass Art stands out in glassmaking education in Nový Bor.
  • How has glassmaking in Nový Bor influenced local tourism? Glassmaking attracts tourists through visits to glassworks, museums, exhibitions, and participation in glassmaking festivals or events.
  • What is the importance of sustainability and ecology in current glassmaking in Nový Bor? Sustainability and ecology are becoming important aspects of glassmaking, with glassworks focusing on reducing emissions and recycling materials.