Collaboration between Z-AGENCY and hotels using the TerraHunt gaming platform

Collaboration between Z-AGENCY and hotels using the TerraHunt gaming platform

In the hotel industry and tourism sector, an interesting opportunity arises for hotels and resorts. Z-AGENCY team building company, the operator of the TerraHunt gaming platform, offers the possibility to expand services for guests with fun and interactive Treasure Hunt games.

These games are designed to provide guests with new experiences right in the vicinity of their accommodation.

Customized Game for Hotel

Z-AGENCY provides a complete service from the conceptual game design, through content creation, to technical implementation.

The games are tailored to the unique history, points of interest, and terrain surrounding the hotel, ensuring a unique experience for players.

Staff Training and Technological Support

Hotel staff undergo training to equip them with all necessary skills for launching and managing events.

Z-AGENCY also ensures technical support and the generation of QR codes for easy game launching through the TerraHunt mobile app, available for iOS and Android operating systems.

Expanding Offerings for Clients

TerraHunt games are an attractive addition for corporate events, team buildings, as well as for families with children or individual visitors seeking extraordinary experiences during their stay.

How It Works:

  1. Game Creation: Together with the hotel, we design and create a game that best reflects its character and surroundings. 
  2. Staff Training: Staff learn how to launch, manage the game, and assist guests with the app. 
  3. Playing the Game: Hotel guests download the TerraHunt app and start discovering treasures around them.

Benefits for Hotels

Collaborating with Z-AGENCY Ltd. brings a number of advantages to hotels. GPS games expand their program portfolio and provide guests with new entertainment options.

The main benefit is the ability to offer guests an attractive and affordable program that is not only fun but also easy to sell.

This program represents an opportunity for hotels to differentiate themselves in the market and offer something that goes beyond traditional hotel services.

Flexibility in Event Organization

Hotels have the option to organize Treasure Hunt games themselves, using their own staff. If a hotel prefers a hassle-free execution or plans a larger event, it can utilize the services of our instructor team.

This approach not only relieves hotel staff but also ensures that the entire event is conducted professionally and without any complications. Under these circumstances, the hotel not only gains satisfied guests but also an interesting commission from the events conducted, which represents a welcome additional income.

Let's Create an Unforgettable Experience Together

If you wish to rejuvenate the services of your hotel or resort and offer guests something that exceeds their expectations, utilizing the TerraHunt gaming platform might be just right.

We are open to new partnerships and eager to explore how we can together enrich the stay of your guests. Just reach out to us, and we can start creating unforgettable stories for your guests.