The Secret of Saint Catherine

The Secret of Saint Catherine Treasure Hunt Team Building Svatá Kateřina with outdoor activities

Svatá Kateřina Resort area
60 treasures
2 - 5 hours

Resort St. Kateřina (St. Catherine) can be found in the middle of untouched nature and woods where everyone is welcomed to slow down and enjoy peaceful relaxation. The modern wellness complex is situated on the site of the original Spa of St. Catherine built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries. It was reconstructed and re-opened in its present form in 2008 and since then offers its visitors a place to forget everyday difficulties and to enjoy a stay in pristine nature. You can choose from a wide variety of activities – all kinds of wellness treatments, a sauna world, yoga classes or a walk in the woods. Last but not least, there is our Treasure Hunt game that will make your stay an unforgettable experience!

What can be expected?

Treasure Hunt is a modern GPS-based team contest. The goal is not only to earn as many points as possible and win the game but, mainly, to have fun. The program will take you for a walk around the resort and to its surroundings where some questions and tasks are prepared for you. As soon as you get with a tablet, provided by us, to the right place, the question will be triggered and pops up on the screen automatically. The questions are either connected to the place itself or they are some kinds of quiz, brain teaser or logic puzzle. Apart from them, you can make the game even more thrilling if you add couple of outdoor activities. Are you a group of sports lovers? Choose one of our physical activities like archery, blowguns or low rope obstacles. If you prefer brain exercise, you will definitely like our ancient puzzle or Hanoi towers.

It’s an on-line game so you know all the time what are the other teams doing and if you are winning or losing. That helps to adjust your strategy according to the current situation. Thus, you can speed up a bit or give yourself a break and have a glass of cold… miraculous water from St. Catherine’s spring. All details about the program can be found in this link.

Fifty shades of treasures

Each of them is unique in many ways. It can give you more or less points, it will tease your brains or test your mindfulness. It will teach you something about local history or make you laugh at a silly made-up story. Some of them will take you into the woods, while others will make you climb the highest hill. And then there are those that will show you hidden precious places you wouldn’t probably find otherwise. You will visit the newly built ayurvedic pavilion, admire the beauty of local horses and bring peace to your soul in the church of St. Catherine. You will take a walk around picturesque ponds, taste the spring water with healing powers and, of course, you won’t escape the magic of the stone circle of the Druids. As you can see there is a lot to be looking forward to so everyone can find something to match his taste.

How can you adapt it?

Each company is an original with its own needs and preferences and we respect that. That’s why the first price offer you will receive does not include the price for facilitated outdoor activities. When you contact us, our sales representative will discuss with you the options for outdoor activities and will help you choose the best ones for you.

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GPS team program with activities in Svatá Kateřina location