Treasure Hunt in Bohemian nature

Treasure Hunt in Bohemian nature Team building event in stunning landscape

Sloup v Čechách
22 treasures
2 - 3 hours

Stunning mountains, pure nature and an old castle sitting on the top of a high rocky cliff. The landscape around the little village of Sloup v Čechách in the North of Bohemia fascinated people for centuries. We succumbed to its power too and created an outdoor team building program. Together with Treasure Hunt Lednice, this is the most outdoor Treasure Hunt in our offer.

Treasure Hunt in Bohemian nature

Most of our geolocation games (Treasure Hunt, Mystery Trail or Challenge Tour) is will take you to historical centers of the most beautiful and UNESCO-awarded cities in Czech Republic. Treasure Hunt in Bohemian nature is very different. Your quest will start in the little village of Sloup v Čechách, where old inhabitants of this land settled many centuries ago and later built a unique castle on top of a high rocky cliff. The nature in this area is beautiful and pure and many tourists and locals love to explore it using the many nature trails in this region. To help you feel safe even in the Bohemian mountains and to guide you to the places you shouldn’t miss, we created this Treasure Hunt game for you.

Team building game in the nature

Armed with a tablet with our TerraHunt application, you and your team will search for 22 virtual treasures we hid on the most stunning locations around the village. Once you reach the location of the treasure, the game on the tablet will give you a question to answer or a challenge to complete. If you answer correctly or complete the challenge, your team will earn precious points. The team with the most amount of points will win a sweet prize. It is up to you how fast you will move through the trails and where you will go first. Each team develops its own strategy. You also don’t have to be worried about having to revise your high school history lessons! The questions are tied to the location of the treasure, so you won’t need your knowledge as much as your observation skills, logical thinking, imagination and team work. You will reach the castle on the rock, uncover the secret of a Princess, go beyond the boundaries of Mordor or will explore the Water Temple.

How does it work?

Our team will meet you in your hotel or some other location. We recommend you to prepare well for this adventure. Take outdoor clothes and shoes, and don’t forget about some water and snacks either, so that you can experience the wild Bohemian nature to the fullest. We will divide you into teams, explain you the rules and how to control the application, borrow you the tablets and start the Treasure Hunt. During the game we will always be ready to help you if you needed it, but you don’t have to worry about getting lost – the Terra Hunt application will always show you the right way. At the end of the game we will meet you again and award the best team with some sweet financial prize.

Event management from A to Z

If you are the one responsible for organizing this event for your colleagues, we just want to tell you: We got you! We want you to enjoy the team building as much as your co-workers, not to worry about practicalities and possible problems. Our team of professionals will prepare, organize, facilitate and close the event, so you can just relax and enjoy the game.

Options for the company event

You can choose our ready-to-go game, but we can also adapt it just for you and your company! We can add some more questions about your company, facilitate the whole event in Czech, English and some other languages, or include adventurous outdoor activities such as physical puzzles or archery. Contact us and we will help you choose the best program and option for you, your company and your budget. 

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My colleagues were absolutely thrilled by the game. I have only words of praise for you. To cite my colleagues: "It was great... We enjoyed it so much... I liked it very much... amazing." So I'd like to thank you for a job well done. For sure I will contact you next time or will recommend you to others.

Eva Kryštůfková

Treasure Hunt in Bohemian nature